Thursday, 18 March 2010

Our Stephen Bradbury

Jalen is not a swimmer at all. Actually he's not really sporty at all, but doesn't mind getting in and having a go at something. Last week was his school's swimming carnival so Kobe and I went along to watch. Kobe was of course very excited to see Jay and especially excited to be at the pool with him!

Jay decided to just go in the novelty events which I was happy about as I knew he wouldn't stress over things too much but would just have fun.

It also means you are almost guaranteed to get some kind of ribbon as they usually only have 4-5 in an event.

Kobe was so cute cheering him on the sidelines all the time.

That was when he wasn't having a play in the pool.

Jay was so pumped after the kickboard race. They were warned that they had to do it properly and kick the whole time rather than standing up. Jay always tries to do the right thing, especially when told by a teacher so he kicked the entire length of the pool, up and back, while the other boys all decided to stand up every now and then and take a big leap before kicking again.

Jay came fourth (out of four!) but the teachers awarded him first place for 'doing the right thing' and not cheating. He was SO happy. I couldn't stop laughing as he said it was like the 'guy at the olympics (Stephen Bradbury) who was coming last in the speedskating, but ended up winning gold when all the other skaters fell over just before the finish line.


  1. good job Jalen! I was hopeless at swimming also - it is so hard if you don't have the right technique!!

  2. Jae cracks me up.
    He was telling me all about the swimming carnival on Sunday.
    I'm proud that he will get in and have a go, and give it his best.
    Love the big photo blogs!!!
    Love Mum.

  3. Good on him for doing it the Aussie way! Well done Jay :)

  4. Good on you Jalen...
    Lisa- GREAT pictures! Love the first one of Kobe, his eyes look great!

  5. Nice job Jay!!! I was a bad swimmer and never would go in any events if I had to go to the carnivals

  6. Love it how Jay isn't scared of giving things a go.

  7. Well done Jalen! Patrick is not overly sporty either but it's great they still like to give it a go!

  8. look at that subtle photoshopping on the eyes!! Way to go Lisa... and awesome job Jay! We just had our athletics carnival, I cant remember when swimming one is...

  9. I love that your photo's are so big and we can see all the details! GO JAY!!

  10. haha -thanks Chels. Glad you appreciated it. I'm slowly learning - so much more to learn though, but oh boy it is addictive and such a time waster, but a good time waster :)


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