Saturday, 6 March 2010

Frustrating Friday

Yesterday I had a Stake YW meeting out at Dunorlan, so I organised with Mum for Kobe to have a play for a couple of hours at their house. Mum and Dad recently got a new kitten which is very cute, and Tracey has lots of fun licking all day.

Kobe isn't used to being around animals at all, so he wasn't very keen on getting close to the kitten and would make these funny 'oo, oo, oo' noises whenever Mum would put it next to him!

Everything was running smoothly until I got into the van to go to my meeting and it wouldn't turn over. I tried for a few minutes and realised that it was pretty much dead and rang RACT to come out. Not long afterwards I had to leave my meeting for the RACT guy to tell me he thought it needed a new fuel pump and he would have to tow it to Deloraine. Mum rang their mechanic and we told him my sob story that it is our only vehicle and we need it to transport Noah in his wheelchair, hoping he would do it as fast as he can. He said he would see what he could do, but it may not happen until Tuesday depending on whether he could get parts.

I went back to my meeting telling the girls that I was trying to think of the positives about it all, and said how it was really a blessing in disguise as it could've broken down in town which would've meant we were stuck with no van until a mechanic could fix it and knowing places in town none of them would be able to do it until early next week.

Luckily Dad was visiting Nan so I quickly rang him to see if we could borrow Nan's van that Nan and pop got about six months ago. It has a wheelchair lift (luxury compared to having to push Noah up our ramps!) so it was the perfect solution, until our van was fixed. I had to go and pick up the boys from school at 3pm, but luckily our van was going to be fixed by 5pm so Kobe and I made the trip back in Nan's van into town to get the boys, and back out to Deloraine to pick up our van and return Nan's van. Kobe was very good considering he had 4 trips back and forth all day. He LOVED sitting right next to Noah and kept rubbing his leg the whole way out.

If the day wasn't bad enough I had planned on picking up Noah's meds and feeds from the hospital pharmacy before the long weekend and also to run into a shop in town to grab him some nappies as we were down to our last three. The shop was OUT of nappies!!!! I started freaking out thinking the day couldn't get any worse and didn't know what we could do as no where else sells Noah sized nappies in town. We quickly rang both schools to see if we could grab his nappies from school before the weekend.

We then got to the pharmacy and they were out of feeds and only had enough for half a week! Would've been an interesting weekend for Noah with no nappies and no feeds!

We were starting to run late to be able to pick up our van by 5pm so we couldn't believe our luck (or lack of it!) when we got near Exton and there was a massive line up of cars waiting to be drug and alcohol tested.

Finally we got to Deloraine (alcohol and drug free of course!) and got our van, paid the huge bill and went to drop off Nan's van and to visit Nan. She was so happy to see us. I told her we borrowed her van for the afternoon as ours had broken down and she actually spoke and said 'yeah!?'.

After visiting Nan we met Mum and Dad at the train park for fish and chips for tea.

It was such a beautiful night so we decided to spend some time playing, feeding the ducks and going for a walk.

What started out as a very frustrating day turned out to be lots of fun by the end of it. It's just frustrating that just as I get my new camera paid off we have another huge bill to pay. I'm trying to think about the positives and am very grateful that we just have a working van.


  1. What a frustrating day! But so lucky that you could borrow your nan's van! I love that pic of Kobe with his hand on Noah's leg, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture from up high looking down on everyone in the shell at the park- it is totally awesome!

  2. So happy your day turned out okay in the end. :)

  3. Oh how annoying! Hopefully no more van problems for a LONG time now!

  4. Im exhausted reading that! You are amazing Lisa... I think I probably would have had a cry in there somewhere! Love Chels

  5. how frustrating for you!!!!!!!!!
    love all your pictures- you getting very good!

  6. what a day! you do such an awesome job. so glad it ended on a happy note for you all.
    i love the part where kobe was rubbing noah's leg...such a sweet pic.
    the photos are cool :)

  7. Gotta really hate days like that! At least their was a happy ending, minus the big payout for the van!

  8. And the worst part of your day, was you didn't get to see me!! :) haha. Glad u got sorted quickly, we saw simon putting out the witches hats when we were coming through from the airport

  9. woah! i didn't realise there was more drama in the afternoon!

    you must have been exhausted by the time it was all over. glad it all worked out okay in the end.


  10. you are amazing..i know i have told you that so many times before.... Glad it all worked out for you...many trials ...many many more blessings...

  11. Simon reckons he was in that pic but on the other side of the road. It ended up being a 5hr traffic blitz. Sorry! I love that pic of Kobe and Noah. You all did well to make it through all that and the kms and your bad chesty cold thing. xx

  12. oh well Simon was one of the coppers we were cursing then! ;)
    Nah - good on them for taking it so seriously.

  13. wow Lisa! What a day! How was your nans van?? all the pics are awesome - hope the car didn't cost TOO much ( iHATE paying out money on cars!!!)


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