Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Brown and Gold

This year Aaron is VERY excited as we purchased a family membership for Hawthorn, which means all of us are now members (yes I said it, and the scary thing is that I now get just as excited as the boys!). We thought since they were playing three Saturday games at Aurora this year, it was worth it to be guaranteed a seat and it also meant the boys got all the cool gear from the club to go with the memberships.

It finally arrived yesterday after lots of grumbling from Aaron saying 'I've been a member for 12 years and I have to wait this long!?". The boys were VERY excited to get their gear on. Harri wanted to also put the brown and gold striped face paint on for the photo, but I wasn't keen on having to wash it off before bed.

Looking forward to another fun year of Hawk stalking, Fab Fridays, Super Saturdays and games at Aurora.


  1. that brown and gold face paint doesn't mix well with clothing and carpet!! It's banned in our house now :( but we will be wearing our gear to the games as well. where are your seats?

  2. oh that is good to know - thanks Blance!
    We are Eastern Terrace (this is Lisa - not YW )

  3. DITTO to all that.
    I am that excited about the new footy season.
    Love the photo.
    Love Mum.

  4. i admire the passion you guys have for that team ..but i am so sorry to tell you that it should be the Tigers.... it is their year this year....

  5. LOVE IT! I'm with Aaron - existing members shouldn't have to wait so long - I know they are trying to encourage new members but we are important too! Still waiting for our hats.

  6. 1lb bag of M&Ms. Brown and gold only.

    New York City allows people to do stuff like this.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

    I don't know why I encourage it.

  7. Haha - that looks so cool! I LOVE Kobe's face!!!

  8. Great Photo.so many boys - what would have your huby done with 4 girls who wanted to jsut play fairies all the time!! But I bet aaron wishes as a little tacker he started barracking for the PIES who are black and white - instead of the hawks who are the colour of poo!!! ewwww. xx

  9. ah the footy season! comes around so quickly!! it seems like AGES since i've had a good footy debate with Aaron in the launny chapel foyer! have to get back there soon!
    Great pic!!

  10. We joined Amelia up to the Hawks this year and she is loving her Hawks stuff she got in the mail! We will have to take her to a game so she can see them in action!


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