Thursday, 4 March 2010

Good Start to the Year

Yesterday I had two very excited boys meet me at the car after school. It was school assembly day and both Jay and Harri got a certificate in front of the school.

Harri is so excited to be at the 'big school' now that he is in Prep and loves being able to do all the things that Jalen is doing like going to assembly.He was very excited to show me his certificate for 'great reading and a great start to the school year'.

Jalen got his for 'an excellent speakers box presentation and for being a keen risk taker'. In his class they have to take part in 'speakers box' once a fortnight. It's like 'show and tell' but with more of a focus where they have to plan something to speak to the class about. Jalen's topic last week was 'the stage is yours' so he did a game show. He was SO excited about it and made up que cards that said 'applause', 'boo', 'clap' etc and he had lots of different general knowledge questions written out. He got three of his class members up to participate and he was the host, putting on the game show host voice and all. Supposedly his class and teacher loved it.

His teacher is great and really pushes him. She talks to the class a lot about being 'risk takers' and how she doesn't like hearing someone say they can't do something, but loves seeing people taking risks and just giving something a go. Jay has really taken it on and isn't stressing as much this year about getting things wrong, but is just having a go at everything.

I was very proud to have both boys bring home certificates on the same day and so close to the beginning of the year. Hopefully it's a good start to what is going to be a great year.


  1. Woo! Go Jay and Harri!

    That's awesome!

    And you know, from a teacher's perspective, that they actually deserve them and that they're impressing the teacher. You know how you go through a list and then eventually you're searching for things to give a child an award for!? Since it was right at the beginning, you know they deserve them!

    I'm glad they've had such a great start! :)

  2. Well done boys, that's fantastic, keep up the great work. I can just imagine Jay being the 'game host', he's had good teachers. LoL

  3. Well done Harri and Jalen! Harii is such a GREAT reader already. And Jalen may have found his calling - watch out larry Emder!!

  4. Great Job you guys....fabulosu strat to the new year....

  5. look out next ward quiz night!

  6. So happy that Harri gets to bring certificates home as well. It is lovely that he is loving school so much, and I would have loved to see Jae's performance, it would have been really organised knowing him as I do.
    Love Mum.


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