Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fun and Photoshop with Fiona

We are excited as the lovely Fiona is now studying at uni in Launceston as it means we get to see more of her. Last year we got back in contact after many, many years of not seeing each other (amazing how blogs and facebook can help with that!), and one of the first things that we started talking about was her amazing photography and photo editing. She knew I was also interested in photography but I have no clue what I am doing, so when I mentioned I was keen to learn how to photoshop and that was my goal for this year, she said she would love to teach me.

It works well for both of us - once a week Fiona comes over for tea (she supposedly hates cooking) and we get to hang out with her for a night and I also get to learn some photoshop. The boys LOVE having her here as she is so much fun.

She just fits in like she is a part of the family - reading home reader books and the magic 100 words with Harri,

reading (and cuddling) with Kobe before bed,

which she had to do to make up for scaring the heck out of Kobe while we were having tea!

One week she was asking us if we had seen a certain movie (can't remember the name now...Fiona!?) and we hadn't, so the next week she came and did her 'napkin head' impersonation from the movie for the boys. Kobe was NOT keen at all!

Jalen and Harri on the otherhand thought it was hilarious!

They of course had to have a go too.

Fiona is teaching me lots of exciting things in photoshop, which I'm loving but it's also quite intimidating as I have no clue what I am doing and am learning from a pro! She thinks it won't take me long to pick up but I know I will never be as clever as her, but can only hope that one day my photos look half as good as hers do.

Last night Harri realised that Fiona hadn't come around for tea on the usual night and goes 'oh no! Fiona didn't come for tea!!'. I told him that she would come next week and he was quite concerned that she hadn't come and said he loves her'. He is very excited to do a very special photoshoot with her next week, for something that will be revealed in the very near future.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha.......thank you Lisa.....I think!!!??? I'm very touched at all of your compliments but EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED about Mr Napkin Head (the movie is called 'The Holiday'). And hey? How come you didn't photoshop out all my face spots like you promised? Oh, and you could have used the 'softening' action I gave you so I don't look so....ummmmmm...blotchy. Hahahahahaha.......poor Kobie. I will remind him of this when he's 16!

  2. Fiona!!! Rome wasn't built in a day!! You should be proud of me that I'm playing with the levels, cropping and doing stuff with the eyes when I can! :)
    I did do a bit of skin smoothing on the one of you and Kobe - didn't want to make it look too fake though :) I played with the opacity so it looked realistic still.

  3. he he. Eamon would have been terrified too - Kels maybe also - Kobes scared face looks so much like Eamon! Poor lil fella everyone leaving him to freak out while you take pics!!!!

  4. Fiona is just too cool! The first time she met me, she kicked, she's a crack up! Love her =P

  5. Wow photoshop sounds so complicated - you are doing such a great job but then you DID have a natural talent to begin with. And i'm not being sucky its a fact - ask anyone ;)


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