Wednesday, 24 March 2010

About A Boy

A while back my very talented cousin Toni asked me if I thought Harri would like to model for one of her patterns. I asked him and he was VERY excited to do it. For weeks he had been asking 'when is Fiona doing my pattern!?' as she was going to be taking the photos for it.

He was so excited to go out with Fiona and get the photos done - that was until he spotted a dog or two! Harri still freaks out whenever he sees a dog (thanks to a nasty dog across the road who scared the wits out of him one day - lucky that dog is now in a 'better place' after attacking an old man - I'm sorry the old man was attacked, but am glad it wasn't Harri in the end!). We finally got him past his fear of the dogs and Fiona got to start snapping some photos.

I love watching her in action.

She is so casual and calm about it all and knew how to keep Harri happy and not stressed. He was great in the beginning and then after a while he kept asking 'how many more photos are you taking!?'. We then had to find ways to make him laugh so he was still happy to do more. A little bit of bribery (hot wheels cars) didn't go astray either.

Fiona got some great photos. I couldn't wait to get home to get them onto the computer to see how they turned out. I loved watching her edit them before she sent them off to Toni.

Here are some of ours and Toni's favourites.

and this is the cover that Toni decided on in the end. I think it's time to get him an agent! ;)

I'm excited to see it out in the shops - not that I ever will since I'm not a sewer, but I can at least imagine it sitting on the shelves with people seeing my cute boy on the front (and not to mention the cute hat and satchel) and grabbing it to buy :)


  1. Let's talk Toni into designing a pattern especially for Kobe. Then we can have fun all over again. Thanks for the lovely write-up. xxx

  2. he he, so fun... he is SUCH a poser!!!!

  3. What a little model! Looking good, Haz! He looks deceptively sweet here. Maybe I shouldn't bring him any lollies back! ;)

    Fiona looks very good in action, doesn't she!? So pro. Fiona! You're looking very skinny! Doesn't Matt feed you!?

  4. Love the pattern, especially the little model on the cover!

  5. Look at that gorgeous boy!!!!
    You have to get The Kobester on to a pattern cover.
    Jae is getting too big for that stuff now.
    I love the hat, and it really suits him, I will have to check it out next time I'm in town.
    Love Mum.

  6. Get that agent! He might be on the new Hawks show tomorrow night from last year too.

  7. I love the one of him sitting on the wall and laughing- sooo cute! Toni's pattern is great too i love the hat

  8. Love the photos, how good is Fiona with the pics and Tone with the patterns. Looks like Harri did awesome

  9. One handsome dude you have there. You'll have to keep a close eye on him in another 10 years or so...he already flirts with the camera, wait till he discovers girls!!!

  10. haha, he's so so cute... suits that pattern so well.


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