Wednesday, 10 March 2010

First Leaves of Autumn

Kobe and I are loving spending every day together on our own while the boys are at school. The days are definitely starting to cool off a bit, and the nights are getting quite chilly. Last week we had a couple of warm days so we thought we should make the most of it before autumn really sets in, and go to the park for the morning.

I decided to let Kobe do whatever he wanted as I was in no hurry at all. He thought he was in heaven! Usually he has to sit in his stroller for long periods as I'm in a hurry to get somewhere.

It was such a perfect morning, hanging out together, seeing monkeys, fish and ducks and having fun taking lots of photos :) Both of us were happy!

As we were leaving I spotted the first leaves I had seen this autumn. I tried to tell myself how beautiful it was, but instead it just reminded me that winter is on its way :(

We hope to have a few more warm days before it really cools off so we can enjoy more fun mornings at the park.


  1. looks very peaceful! Love the 6th picture down of Kobe pointing up, he is sooo cute

  2. So strange to know we are experiencing opposite seasons! We're finishing off winter, looking forward to the warmth of spring!

    P.S. We've had some trouble emailing you our ward's first penpal letter--hopefully you got it (or rather, THEM...we had to break it down into 4). So check your email and let me know if they didn't come through.


  3. Kobe looks like he's in his element! Let's hope the warm days keep up until at least Easter.


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