Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Noah's 6th Birthday!

Noah has had a great birthday. This morning he woke up at about 7am with a big smile so we woke up Jay so we could open up the presents before Aaron went to work. He usually leaves at 7.30 am as he walks to work but this morning he got a lift with a friend so he got to leave a bit later.

Noah's carer Bridget was here this morning to help get Noah ready for school and she had made a beautiful blanket for him - Hawthorn colours on one side (the boys LOVED it) and rainbow colours on the other.

Noah was very happy while Harri and Jay helped to open his presents and then half way through unwrapping them he decided he had been awake long enough (probably 10 mins!) and feel back to sleep!! We just laughed as the same thing happens every year.

He got a TJ bearytales bear - it is really cute. It tells stories and his eyes, mouth, ears and arms all move while he is telling the story. He also got extra story cartridges to go with it and a Hawthorn bear that sings the theme song.

Tuesday is Noah's day to go to Newstead Height so he was lucky as he got to go for a swim on his birthday. Harri and I decided to stay to watch, before we had to go to a seminar on Cortical Vision Impairment. Harri wasn't too enthused about the seminar, until they showed a video on CVI in which Noah featured a lot. There were a lot of photos of Noah with Harri and Jay and Harri just kept yelling out - 'Look -there's Harri!' and cracked everyone up.

Noah took his TJ bear to school and all the kids listened to it telling stories. They all loved it.

When we came home Nanna and Pa (Aaron's step Mum and Dad) and Nan and Pop (Aaron's grandparents) were here for afternoon tea. We are all stuffed full with mudcake now! It was great to see Aaron's Nan and Pop. We hadn't seen them for a long time.

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  1. What in the world is "mudcake"? I have never heard of that! Must be an Aussie thing...


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