Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Lucky he is cute.....

It is lucky that Harri is cute as somedays he makes you want to tear your hair out! Jalen was so placid as a toddler and is still a very good boy. Noah of course is an angel (as he takes after me) and Harri is good really, but he likes to test you as much as possible! People used to tell me before I had kids that each child is different and it is SO true with out three boys.

Today Harri said 'I want pineapple juice' and I said 'I didn't hear any manners Harri' so he yells 'I want pineapple juice - please, RIGHT NOW!'.

If I am talking to someone else and he interupts I will say 'Harri, just wait - I'm talking to so and so' and he will yell 'I'm talking to YOU Mum!'. He makes me laugh - which isn't good when you are trying to be a serious Mum trying to teach your child some discipline!

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