Monday, 18 June 2007

Holidays are over

Today is the first day back to school after two weeks off. Usually I look forward to school going back - I look forward to having a quiet house during the day and to get back into a routine, but not this time. We had a really fun two weeks. Even though it has been winter we have had some nice sunny days where we could all go out and do things together.

We are lucky to be able to participate in a school holiday program run by Family Based Care. It is a government funded program for children with a disability and their families. You can nominate which activities you would like to take part in and the whole family gets to go along together. They have workers there who help you if needed. Sometimes it can be hard to go out and do things together as one of us is often with Noah and then the other is with the Jalen and Harri, but just having an extra pair of hands with us is great as we can spend more time just having fun rather than worrying about how we are going to be able to do things together or how we are going to get Noah out of the pool and changed and also watch the other boys etc.

We have had a lot of fun together but last night Aaron said he was tired and needed a holiday! Last night (last night of school holidays) Noah wouldn't settle to sleep and ended up sleeping in our bed with me at about 11.30pm. Aaron slept on the floor on a mattress and at 2am Harri started to call out - not something he usually does. He obviously wasn't feeling well and at 3.20am - after going into his room about 10 times I gave up and we brought him into our room. He slept on the mattress with Aaron and when the alarm went off at 6.20am I remembered why I love school holidays so much and wondered why I ever looked forward to school going back!

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  1. That's a cool collage - I laughed hearing about your drawn out birthday with Harri - he seems like such a character! I love birthdays with kids too - especially special cakes like that.


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