Sunday, 17 June 2007

Harri's Suit

A couple of weeks ago I remembered an old suit that Jalen had worn in Jared (my brother) and Becky's wedding as their page boy. I went searching and found it was in Harrison's cupboard all along! Lucky I remembered it when I did as it fits Harri perfectly at the moment. For some reason Harri hates to wear jumpers. No matter how cold it is outside (which is very cold at the moment in Tassie), he always says 'jumper off Mum, I'm hot'! If he knows he has to get dressed he always says to me 'no jumper Mum' even before I get one out of the cupboard.

When I found the suit I thought that the would be no way that he would keep on the suit jacket but he LOVES it!! He wore it to church a couple of weeks ago and everyone kept telling him how good he looked. This morning Aaron put on the pants and shirt for him and then he came running to me with the jacket as he wanted to put that on too. As soon as he had it all on he goes 'take a photo Mum'! He obviously knows he looks cute. When I took the photo he kept doing different poses - he definately isn't shy!

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