Sunday, 17 June 2007

'Happy Birthday Mummy!'

That is what I have been hearing for the past two days!! Today is my 33rd birthday (yes - I AM getting old!) but since yesterday Harri has been coming up and saying 'Happy Birthday Mummy'!

While I was out yesterday Aaron made my birthday cake, and Harri helped him decorate it (and ate a lot of M&Ms in the meantime). When I got home Harri came running up to me and gave me a big cuddle saying 'Happy Birthday Mummy!' I laughed and told him my birthday was tomorrow but to a two year old that doesn't really make much sense - especially when you are making the birthday cake now.

Later in the night Aaron and Jalen were wrapping up my presents and Harri came out and told me that they had presents. I asked him where they were and he took me straight to the hiding spot under the bed and said 'ta da'!

This morning I was in the shower and Harri woke up in the meantime and came running in and straight away he said 'say Happy Birthday Mummy?', like 'is it time to say it now?' and I said yes and he was very excited. Then all morning he kept on singing Happy Birthday to me.

I had a lovely day and I'm sure Harri told me 'Happy Birthday' at least 50 times. Aaron made me lovely roast chicken and baked vegies for tea (my favourite) and then we finally got to eat the cake that Harri had been asking for all day long.

Harri quickly came up with his empty bowl and messy face and said 'more cake please!'. It is fun sharing your birthday with little kids - if you aren't excited that it is your birthday, they definately make up for it with their excitement.

Now where is that anti-wrinkle cream...........

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  1. Happy birthday for yesterday Lisa! You are getting very good at the blog - I love reading about what you guys have been up to! Tell Aaron that all of his hard work in our uni cooking class paid off - cool cake!! I would love Jaron to make me a baked dinner one night...have to work on that one!! xxx


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