Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Harri is miserable

Poor Harri. He is usually lots of fun and happy most of the time, but today he was miserable! He has had a cold all week, but it has gotten worse as the week has gone on. Today after we dropped the boys off at school he asked me where we were going (he usually LOVES to go out and hates being home and always asks what we are going to do for the day) and I told him we were going to go to the gym and he started crying and said 'No Mummy, stay home'!

He was so miserable that I said okay and we came home instead. I haven't been to the gym for a week now!!! I'm having major withdrawals!

Harri watched The Wiggles for an hour or so and we then had to leave to go to our first appointment for the day - a meeting to discuss Noah's IEP. We had three appointments in total plus had to help with the school lunches, and we also had to take my Mum and Dad to the airport. It wasn't a good day for Harri to be sick.

Our last appointment was with Dr Bailey - Noah's paediatrician. We hadn't seen him for a couple of months so thought we had better have a catch up. We were talking about how Noah hadn't been in hospital for a couple of years except to have his tonsils and adenoids out and I said it was 'a miracle' and he goes 'no it's not - it is because of the great care that you give him'. That made my day!

Harri has gone to bed with the vaporiser on and I wish I was in Mum and Dad's suitcases on my way to Queensland!

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