Wednesday, 20 June 2007


This is the view from our backyard this morning! It has been so cold the last week or so. On the way to the gym this morning at 9am the guy on the radio said it was still -1!

I HATE winter - especially with the wheelchair. If it is raining it is awful trying to keep Noah dry while I run him out to the car. He usually stays dry, but I am always drenched and freezing for the next few hours.

Aaron always used to say that he loved winter - he loved snuggling down in a warm bed and sitting in front of the heater and just watching TV while sitting under a blanket etc. He has now changed his mind and isn't so keen on winter! We didn't have a great night last night. Noah came into our bed about 11.30 pm - not sure what was wrong but he was very upset. He fell asleep on my arm for about 20 minutes and I had to move it as it was going to sleep and I couldn't sleep because of the throbbing! A 6 year old on your arm all night isn't very comfortable. Once I moved my arm I then couldn't sleep because Noah was on my side of the bed and I couldn't get comfortable. I decided to go on the mattress on the floor and leave Noah in bed with Aaron.

5 minutes later Noah is awake and crying again and Aaron is snoring right next to him, with no clue what is going on! I get back into bed sighing really loudly to make sure Aaron wakes up and hears what is going on and he goes 'sorry', as he realised that I was back in bed trying to settle Noah again and I said 'don't be sorry -just settle Noah or get on the floor'! He decided to take the easier option and sleep on the floor.

Noah and I had a very restless night - he kept waking up every couple of hours and crying. We had the heater up full bore all night in our room but I ended up having to turn up the electric blankets too. Aaron tells me he was very warm and slept very heavily on the mattress on the floor! Lucky for him as he won't get to sleep there tonight if Noah comes into our bed- it will be my turn!! :o)

Lucky Noah woke up with a smile and had a good day at school. Hopefully tonight will be better and Noah will last all night in his own bed. It's going to be another cold one.

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  1. Lisa!!! I have tears in my eyes... I am so happy to find you have a blog! I am utterly shocked at how big your boys are!!! Freaking heck!!!! Harri reminds me of Hattie so much...cheeky little sods!!! I'm sorry winter has arrived in Tassie! We are revving up into summer and its been in the low 30's on average. Just had an a/c installed today as we are on a 3rd floor apartment.... But anyway.... Im SOOO happy to check up on you now! Sending you lots of warm love.... Chels


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