Friday, 22 June 2007

Good friends, good food!

Today Harri and I went out for lunch with Bec and Pip. Bec, Pip and I go out regularly for tea - Aaron thinks it is every second week, but it is more like once a month or so. We grew up together -we still remember the car trips to kinder together and all the fun things we got up to as kids!

Our favourite places to go out for tea are definately Thai or Mexican but sometimes we get a bit more adventurous and try something different, but we always end up going back to the old favourites. Since Pip has decided that she is too busy with her new baby to come out for tea we had had to put our tea dates on hold for a little while :o) We thought it was time to catch up again so we drove out to Pip's today and went to the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm for lunch. Lucky Bec has every Friday off this year or we wouldn't be able to catch up as often.

We had a great time - lots of yummy food - especially the desserts. It was the first time we had kids with us but Oliver was very well behaved. Harri coloured in for about a minute and then enjoyed just watching everything going on.

Harri was very disappointed that they didn't have any hot chips! I think that the home made raspberry icecream made up for it though!

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