Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Our HeliAdventure

Last year Jay was very lucky to have 'won' a helicopter ride at Run for a Wish just a few weeks after Noah passed away.  He was so excited to go on the helicopter with Aaron and they had the best time.   At this year's Run for a Wish Kobe was very lucky 'win' a helicopter ride this year (thank you Make a Wish for being so kind to my boys!) and he cracked us up laughing when he grabbed the voucher yelling 'I don't want it!'.  What a little rat bag! Harri scored though as he decided that he would love to have it and really wanted to go on the helicopter with Jay.

When we arrived to have their helicopter ride with HeliAdventure the pilot asked us who was going to go. I asked him if it was okay if the two older boys went on their own with him and he asked us why we weren't all going. I told him that we had a voucher and it was only for two people and he said that it costs the same amount for fuel to take four people so we could all go because Kobe was small enough and we could all fit.   Kobe was so excited and decided that he did actually want to go on a helicopter ride after all! 

As we were getting into the helicopter the pilot asked us why we had a voucher. I told him that we 'won' it at Run for a Wish and told him how the boys had been given it because they had a tough year with their Dad and brother both passing away.   He was of course shocked but was so lovely to the boys and made it so fun for them. 

Kobe loved having a mic on and kept talking so loudly into it! He even started singing 'I'm a Child of God' at one stage so that we could all hear him!

I was looking forward to it but as we started to lift of I suddenly became a bit nervous and said to Jay that I was glad he was sitting in the front!  He wasn't at all nervous being a seasoned pro at helicopter rides! ;)

The pilot was so nice and took us out for a lot longer than the voucher was for.  He kept asking us what we wanted to see and would then fly over it for us after radioing to the airport to get clearance.  It was awesome hovering right above Aurora Stadium. I guess that it's Aaron and Noah's view every day!

We flew past the city and then over the Gorge and the Trevallyn Dam.  It was awesome seeing everything from above and was so different to being on a plane as you could see so many details because you are flying so much lower. I would reall start to relax and enjoy it and would then remember where I was and I would hold on tight again, hoping we weren't about to drop out of the sky! I guess that my thoughts of all being in an accident together and dying at the same time isn't really what I'm hoping!

We then flew right over the top of our house and then he asked where the boys went to school and flew right across their schools for them.

We then flew over the top of the cemetery and it was so strange to see it from above. It looked huge and we could even see Noah and Aaron's graves.
Because Noah's grass is so green it was easy to spot.

It was such an exciting morning and we had the best time.  I know how lucky we are to have such an awesome experience.  Thank you Make a Wish, Run for a Wish and HeliAdventures for giving us such a special morning.  It was so nice to see the boys so excited and happy.


  1. Oh how exciting! Little old Launceston looks HUGE from above! Beautiful photos, Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. x

  2. Looks like so much fun Lisa! So glad you all had a blast! x

  3. What a wonderful experience. Nice to know there really are some kind people out there in the world.

  4. What a wonderful post. So lovely to hear that you could all go together on that flight and what an awesome pilot.

  5. Oh, what a special day for you. The pictures are awesome, too. I took a friend on a helicopter ride many years ago which lasted all of 10 minutes. My David and I were supposed to take a helicopter over Grand Canyon in 1998, but we had snow and the trip was called off. We went to an IMAX theater instead with our travel group. Glad you and the boys had so much fun--making wonderful memories with them.

  6. That is so awesome!! What a sweet man for letting you all go! God puts all the right people right where we need them! I am so glad you had such a fun day!

  7. wow Lisa ..it sure does look different from up there...the boys really are having amazing experiences to remember...and i agree ..there are some special people out there giving other very special people those memorable moments XXXX you all deserve it ...

  8. What a nice man the pilot is :) Looks like quite an adventure and loved seeing the pics.


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