Saturday, 5 January 2013


Last New Years Eve Aaron and I took the boys to see the early fireworks in town.  Even though we were terribly sad as it was just a few months after Noah passed away, we had a lovely night and decided that it was something we wanted to continue doing every NYE with the boys.

I was grateful to have my Mum and Chrish and the Woodwards and Triffitts join us for a fun NYE as I was kind of dreading it and wasn't keen on going to the fireworks on my own. We spent some time up at the Gorge first having tea, swimming (or at least the kids and one crazy adult did) and playing frisbee.

 Mum and Harri having fun playing a word game on Mum's phone.
Gaz learnt not to run after a peacock with his new phone to get a cool photo for Instagram.  He ended up dropping it and smashing the screen. Whoops!
At dusk we headed to the riverbank to get ready for the fireworks. It was nice to run into other friends from church who were also there.

The fireworks were great and I would've loved to have seen the midnight ones too, but was not keen on staying up till midnight.   It was nice to see them with the kids and then know we could head home to bed.  There wasn't much point though because I couldn't sleep anyway and at midnight I could hear the fireworks from town going off which set off a million dogs barking.

 I was so glad I could see the New Year in with good friends and family and could have some fun together. 
Usually in the New Year Aaron and I would reflect on things that we would want to change.  We wouldn't really make New Years resolutions because I think we should be continually having goals and changing things in our lives to improve ourselves, but we would often talk about things we wanted to change as the New Year rolls around.  

Without a doubt my goals for the New Year is to always lose weight and get fitter and Aaron's was often the same, but Jay and I have been talking a lot about what Aaron wanted to work on last year.  He decided he was going to try to be more patient and not so crabby (yes it's true - Aaron wasn't perfect! ;)   We have been having a joke about how patient he was in January and how it must've been too hard for him to stick with it which is why he had to go.

It's obviously been a shocker of a year in 2012 and I'm hoping that 2013 brings lots of healing, some joy and happy moments that the boys and I will create together. I feel sad that it's a New Year and the first year that Aaron isn't alive in, and the second one without Noah, but I'm grateful to put 2012 behind me.  I'm so grateful for everyone's love and support.  It means so much to me to know that so many people are continuing to read my blog to see how we are doing.  Your comments, messages and emails give me so much strength as I know that we aren't alone in our grief and sadness.


  1. Glad you had a lovely New Year's Eve. Swimming, hanging out with friends and watching fireworks is the perfect way to end the year. That pool looks pretty cool with all of the surrounding trees. You live in a beautiful place. Hope 2013 brings you all of the things you stand in need of and many fun adventures too!

  2. so glad you had some wonderful caring and loving friends to celebrate the New Year with...not the same as with your man but you are keeping your promise to each other to carry on your tradition....XXXXX

  3. Hoping that 2013 will be an awesome year for you, with lots of love and peace in your life and in your heart. Thank you once again for your honest writing that comes from the heart and your awesome blog.

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  5. I find it funny to see your blog posts of Christmas and New Years in Australia with it currently being sunny and summer at the beach,swimming, having a BBQ, etc. as here in Canada it's winter now and we have snow and it's really cold and so I don't associate those holidays with warmth and summer. It's a nice treat for me to see your blog now reminding me of summer, still 6 months away for us!

  6. I also live in Canada and I agree with Pogue Mahone. I read your blog daily and love your honesty about how things are going for you and the boys. I hope you all have an easier year. I can't imagine how you feel but I can only wish that it will be better as time passes.
    You have lovely boys. I have never met your family but when you said that one crazy adult went swimming, I already knew it was your brother! Thinking about you daily,

  7. I never comment...on anything, nor do I like to voice my thoughts much, but I wanted you to have made a difference in my life. Your brave writting in an unfair circumstance you have found yourself in, have given me strength and courage when I thought none could be found. I have been selfishly fed by your testimony and inner spirit. My faith has multiplied by the examples of your five "boys"! I keep you in my prayers as I sit in the temple and your name finds itself on a small slip of paper, while I'm there.
    I want to be many things in this coming year, but I want to be happy with myself because of the example you are of yourself.
    Thank you for sharing you with me (and many more) you are loved...

    1. Thank you so much Jill. This really touched me xxx

  8. Here's to a happier year for you and your boys. I heart your blog so much. It's freezing and cold here in the states (Michigan!) as well so to see y'all swimming and hot is so strange indeed but I love getting glimpses of Austrailia (just beautiful!)! May God continue to wrap you in comfort.

  9. Dear Lisa, I often drop into your blog but don't comment. Your beautiful posts never fail to move my heart. I can't imagine how you must feel, and I don't know how you manage to put one foot in front of the other with all you've been through. I wish for you all a calm & healing 2013.

  10. Lisa your pictures are incredible! I only wish I could capture moments like you do.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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