Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Birthday Surprise

In my family there are a lot of birthdays in January.  This month my brother, three of my nephews and my Mum all celebrated their birthdays. Last week we got together for my nephew Eamon's 4th birthday.   I am so jealous of two of my brothers who live so close to the beach. Whenever I visit them I think how great it would be to live there too.  We had a beautiful afternoon in the sun at Hawley beach before heading back to their house for a BBQ tea, games and cake.  When it got dark we then went out to the point and waited for the penguins to come in. It was awesome and we saw so many of them!

As soon as we got back from Swansea we headed to Kmart to buy a couple more blow up boats, after one blew away and one got a hole in it. The boys were happy to have the boats back again. 

Becky made an awesome dragon cake for Eamon.

The girls loved Grandma painting their nails for them.

Jay was making us all laugh as he would unwrap the wrapping in pass the parcel and would act all excited like a little kid, yelling 'I got a wizz fizz!!!.
The boys and I stayed the night at my brother's house and had told Mum on the way back home we would call in to pick her up and go to the raspberry farm for afternoon tea.  Because Mum was with the boys and I at Swansea for her birthday my lovely sisters in law thought it would be nice to plan a little surprise family tea for her 60th birthday, complete with beautiful decorations and Mum's favourite desserts.

They did everything and Mum had gone off to a couple of appointments, thinking that when she got home the boys and I would be there to take her to the rapsberry farm. She was very surprised when she walked in and all of us were there yelling 'surprise!!!'.

 Hari's face cracks me up in this photo.

The girls did a beautiful job of the decorations and food (okay I did fold a few pin wheels!) and Mum absolutely loved it.
Dad got all serious and did a little speech before we ate.  I think he got a bit emotional as he said how glad he was that we could do something so special for Mum.  We didn't even tell Dad what was going on until we arrived as it's well known that he is not the best secret keeper!

 The food was so yummy and looked so pretty too.

We missed Nicki and Alex and the kids who are in Melbourne and wish they were still living close by so we could do more of this.  It was such a lovely day and it was so nice to be able to surprise Mum (I have no idea what is going on with Harri here!). 


  1. you are all wonderful kids and grand kids ...Lorraine D does deserve every bit of that surprise...good on you all XXXXX

  2. Thinking of you and the family this weekend xxx Alison

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  4. I love the look on your Mum's face. Proiceless!! :)

  5. Penguins? I really had no idea you had them over there. I think I'm going to go google that.


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