Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Docta's Birthday

Aaron makes me laugh even when he isn't here.  A couple of years ago he started acting like a very funny doctor who he named Docta Steve.   It was during one of Noah's admissions to hospital, when I was also feeling sick.  I still remember me ringing me up when I was in the hospital with Noah saying 'This is Docta Steve. I hear you need a doctor? I prescribe a whole lot of lovin'.   He kept it up for ages and every now and then Docta Steve would just appear and would crack us up with the things he would say.  He even had his own Facebook page.   He also appeared to give medical treatment on set of our Australian Cooking Show.

On New Years Day Facebook gave me a notification to let me know that it was Docta Steve's birthday.  I had a little laugh when I clicked on his page and remembered the silly things he used to do. I also had a laugh that his relationship status said 'in a complicated relationship'.

I wish Docta Steve was still here so he could help fix my broken heart.


  1. How can a post be so sad and so silly at the same time? Loved this.


  2. Wonderful post. What fantastic memories you have of the man you love.

  3. His legacy lives on. Beautiful story.

  4. Tears in my eyes again reading your incredible and always inspirational blog. You amaze me with your strength to carry on and find the joy.

  5. Yours is a true love story! I'm sure he is doing his best on the other side to heal your broken heart! Love from Utah, USA

  6. I believe this was a tender mercy - a little nudge from him on the other side. Perhaps Docta Steve's FB page was established long before his death, but these things aren't just coincidences. I believe this was his way of giving you a smile, even when he can't be right by your side. Love it!


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