Monday, 7 January 2013

Falling in the (Liffey) Falls

It seems like most school holidays we end up going to Liffey Falls. These holidays is no exception.  It's nice having Chrish home as he's always keen to do something and I often get text messages from him at random times saying 'what's going on?' as he's keen on going somewhere.  We are lucky we have such a beautiful place so close to home, so when Chrish asked if we were keen on going to Liffey Falls we headed out and met him and Mum there.  Along the way were all these beautiful wild flowers everywhere.

Chrish is always up for getting a cool photo so he climbed to the top of a huge tree trunk.  It cracked me up as it looks like the paparazzi was out. 

We hadn't been there in the summer before and it was so much drier than we'd ever seen it, but it was still so pretty.

Harri has recently discovered a love for taking photos which is awesome. He was so excited to take my little point and shoot camera and snapped photos the whole way.

It was such a beautiful day for a walk and there were lots of other people about doing the same thing.

My three gorgeous boys who are keeping me going, but also driving me insane these school holidays! It's lucky they are cute! ;)

At the end we had fun playing and taking photos.

My very trendy Mum who is just about be old enough to get a seniors card.  You wouldn't know that she's about to turn 60!
Crazy Chrish decided to get Jay to take a cool photo of him under the falls like he did another time he came down.   He didn't plan on falling right down though and luck Jay caught it all on camera! Thanks for letting me steal your pics from Instagram Chrish :)

Chrish was drenched for this pic :)

The boys are loving having Chrish home and it's nice to have someone to go on adventures with.


  1. Ahh, that looks like my kind of fun, nature and the ones I love :) Great pictures and yes, your Mom is gorgeous!

  2. Wow what glorious photos this are. I love nature and all its beauty. This looks like such a relaxing spot to spend some time together.

    I have had you on my mind lately since hearing about the bush fires in Tasmania. I hope your area is safe and not effected. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone down here. From the news reports I have seen on TV it is a big worry. Now NSW has a lots of fires too. Australia is a fantastic country but summer time sure is dangerous when fires occur.

    Wising you and your family a happy, fun, safe, healthy and successful 2013. I think of you and pray for you often and always enjoy reading your blog updates. Thanks for sharing with us.

    From Susan McGuire, Sydney :)


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