Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 in Pics

As I look back on our photos from the past year so many feelings and emotions come back to me. I can still remember so much of what I was feeling, but at the same time some of the feelings have faded.  That is a blessing because the shock that I felt for about a month after Aaron passed away would be too much to bear if I had to carry that with me all the time.

I can also see how much we've changed over the year.  I can see the boys are getting the twinkle back in their eyes and the genuine smiles back on their faces, but also see how sad they still are.

I feel like I have a long way to go before I will see the old me again, and I doubt I ever will but I can see how much stronger we are getting as each month passes.

Here are some photos from 2012. So many sad memories, but also lots of happy ones too.

JANUARY - such a contrast
1. Hawley beach on New Years Day 2. Hot date while the boys stayed at Mum and Dad's 3. Bicheno 4. Wineglass Bay lookout 5. Kobe and Aaron on the Wineglass Bay walk 6. Lisa and Aaron playing at the park at Bicheno 7. One of the last photos I took of Aaron alive - fishing with Kobe the day before he died 8. At Aaron's funeral 9. Watching Aaron's coffin being lowered into his grave.


1. A Week after Aaron passed away 2. At the KMHS memorial service 3. The boys playing with Chrish 4. After Harri's first day of Grade 2 5. The boys first week at school 6. At a Hawks community camp - with Josh Gibson 7. Kobe with Luke Hodge 8. My quilt made by Toni out of Aaron's t-shirts 9. Standing at Aaron's grave

1. Off to work 2. Two months since Aaron passed away 3. Our 'backyard blitz' 4. Visiting Aaron's grave after church 5.  Our cubby made by KMHS students 6. 'Family' photo taken by Alison 7. Fundraiser put on by KMHS 8. Noah's memorial garden 9. Holiday to Swansea

1. Feeling sad at Aaron's grave 2. Ready to see Ironman 3. Harri starts Auskick 4. Kobe with his photo of Daddy by his bed 5. A visit to Cradle Mountain 6. Easter at Mum and Dad's 7. Mother's Day 8. Decorating Noah's tree at the cemetery for Easter 9. Hawks training

1. Roses from our garden for the cemetery 2. Visiting the cemetery 3 Kobe at KMHS 4. Kobe with the 'Kingy Cup' 5. Plaque for Aaron at KMHS 6. Standing at Noah and Aaron's graves 7. Kobe and I taking selfies 8. Noah's plaque 9. Aaron's plaque

1. Landscaping Awards Dinner 2. Kobe's birthday 3. Holiday to the Gold Coast 4. At Movie World 5. Photo taken by Alana Aston Photography 6.  Photo taken by Alana Aston Photography 7. Ready for a Hawks game 8. Snow in Hobart on Noah's birthday 9. Releaseing balloons on Noah's birthday

1. Visit to Werribee Zoo in Melbourne 2. Riding a horse and cart in Melbourne 3. Watching Hawthorn play at the MCG 4. Visiting 'The Block' 5. Going to the temple in Melbourne 6. Jay in WotOpera 7. A visit from Auntie Trudy and Charlie 8. Watching the Olympics in bed 9. 6 Months since Aaron died

1. Kobe missing Daddy and taking his photo everywhere 2. Kobe wanting to be in the Olympics 3. Harri cleaning Daddy's grave 4. Darth Vadar choking Harri 5. KMHS footy team visiting Aaron's grave 6. Harri sleeping in my bed 7. Friday night footy with Harri 8. Jay and his certificate of commendation 9. Silly boys on a hot chocolate date

1. Harri's baptism 2.  The whole family at Harri's baptism 3. With Todd Hodgetts - Paralympic gold medalist 4. With the spring blossoms 5. Jalen's 13th birthday 6. A trip to Sydney 7. AFL grandfinal 8. Watching Hawks V Sydney in the AFL grand final 9. KMHS footy team wins Tassie Hawks Cup
1. Run for a Wish 2. 12 months since Noah passed away 3. In Hobart for Noah's Angelversary 4. Fun at the park with Jack and Tayla 5. Wrestling with Alison 6. Meeting Sticky and Sam from the Amazing Race 7. At the Gorge with Chrish 8. 'Family' photo at the Gorge 9. Halloween - dressed up as Team Rocket from Pokemon

1. At Makayla and Gavin's engagement party 2. Another Halloween party 3. Harri as Pirate Starkey in Peter Pan 4. The Pirates in Peter Pan 5. Kobe in Noah's memorial garden at school 6. Lunch time at Noah's grave 7. Kobe busting at Aaron's grave 8. KMHS newsletter 9. Kobe watering Daddy's flowers.

1. Our annual Christmas photo 2. Harri decorating Aaron's Christmas tree 3. Decorating Noah's Christmas tree 4. Our Santa photo 5. Christmas picnic inside 6. Ward Christmas party 7. Aaron's birthday toast 8. Christmas Day waterslide 9. Boxing Day walk with family

I'm looking forward to our photos from 2013 hopefully having many more happy memories than sad ones.


  1. You're amazing in front of, and behind, the camera, Lisa, and then with how you put it all together... So great that you do this for your family. And I appreciate and feel priveleged to be able to view them too... Praying for many happy, wonderful, amazing times ahead in 2013 for you and your boys.
    Naomi G. x

  2. How do you get pictures of all of you together? Do you put your camera on a tripod? Just wondering.
    -Francine from Connecticut, USA

  3. Hi Francine
    No I don't use a tripod. If I'm ever in a photo it's often because Jalen took it or a friend. To get the pics in a collage like that I used the website www.picmonkey.com It's so easy to use and free.

  4. Oh and a lot of these were actually my Instagram photos.

  5. All the best to you and your sons in 2013 Lisa.

  6. Dear Lisa,
    Your pictures are so beautiful, it shows how lovely and amazing your family is. You are a great mom and I hope 2013 is a really great year for you and your boys!

  7. Seeing these fabulous photos makes me feel inspired to get my camera out a lot more often. Having all these photos is wonderful for you and the boys. Thanks for sharing, there are so many special memories captured there, very nicely done :)

    From Susan McGuire, Sydney.


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