Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fashion Parade

For the last few weeks Aaron has spent every night doing things to organise his school's fashion parade. As the Prefect Coordinator it is his role to take charge of it, which meant he ended up doing most of it as he didn't want it to be 'a flop' as in his own words a lot of the students lacked 'initiative' in getting things done for it.

I would ask him if he could help me with something on the computer and his response for the last few nights has been 'after the fashion parade' as he has only had time to concentrate on that. The last couple of mornings he has left home to get to school really early. This morning he left at 6.40 am and didn't get home till 9 pm tonight as it was on today. Harri and Noah didn't actually see him all day except for when we dropped him off some tea.

Yesterday Aaron rang me with a lovely tone in his voice, which I knew it meant he wanted something :) He asked me if I could spend my morning today running around, picking up all the clothes from the shops, that were lending the school their clothes for the parade. Of course my first question was 'what about the gym!!!?', to which he went quiet which I knew it meant I had to skip the gym and help him out. He said he would keep Kobe at school for me so I didn't have to worry about him, so I thought that was an okay deal.

Kobe was very excited to spend the morning at high school! He straight away went off with a couple of girls and didn't care at all that I was leaving him in the hands of 30 high school kids for the morning!

I think I had the raw end of the deal as I parked in town close to one shop, but had to go to 5 different shops at different ends of town carrying huge gowns, boxes and even a wedding dress to the van! I could only do one at a time as they were so many clothes and I had to be extra careful with it all. After almost 2 hours of going back and forth to the van and driving here, there and everywhere, I finally got back to school with thousands of dollars worth of dresses, suits and clothes.

I was actually VERY nervous with it all as the shop owners would all say 'you are going to be VERY careful with it, aren't you' as they were trusting the school to care for the clothes so they could actually be sold once they were back in the stores. When I got back I cracked up at Aaron in his 'teacher mode'. I know it sounds crazy as I know he is a teacher, but actually seeing him with the kids is just strange as I still find it hard to believe he is a teacher! I now see where he gets his MC skills from as he has them all sitting there in silence as he is giving them this big lecture about caring for the clothes etc.

He sent them all out to the van to help me bring the clothes in and said to them 'by the way - check out the van while you are out there... it's available for the leavers dinner and we will give you a cheap rate', which of course cracked them up. The guys had to stand in front of it for a photo - I'm sure they would LOVE to arrive at the leavers dinner in it.

Kobe had a fantastic morning with Aaron and the kids, and would've been happy to have stayed there all day if I let him!

While I was dropping the clothes off, I said to Aaron I wished I could come and watch as a lot of the students that are now in grade 10 were in my Kindergarten class when I taught. Luckily Alison was available and willing to babysit for us (thanks Alison!) which meant Jay and I got to come along and watch together. It was a great night and they did a great job with everything - the modeling, music, and lights.

Jay kept reminiscing about when Aaron went in the fashion parade a couple of years ago and dressed up like a student. Jay thought it was great as Aaron came down with his shorts half hanging down, so you could see he was wearing Hawthorn boxers. The whole time he was acting like the students, texting, acting cool and saying funny things. Jay was disappointed Aaron didn't do that this year, but loved the guys dressing up in the girls netball outfits and pretending to be girls, walking around with a lot of hip action etc.

The girls then dressed up in footy gear and acted like guys - flexing muscles, grabbing parts of their body, and basically just being idiots :)

After the parade we hung around to help pack up. Jalen spotted a strobe light flashing and straight away went over to do some MJ moves.

It was nice to spend the night out with just Jay and to relax knowing that the boys were in bed (all except for naught Noah who stays up WAY too late!). It was fun seeing lots of my old students up there and seeing how they have changed (or actually not changed much at all!). Now hopefully we can get Aaron back for a little while as he can stop stressing about it and know that it was a big success.


  1. Looks like a great night was had! So LIsa did you think about trying any of the outfits on? You could have had a ball with al those lovely dresses!

  2. I bet you sort of wish you had Noah with you so you could of driven around town and got all the disabled spots. Looks like a great night!

  3. Looks like a fun evening. Now Aaron can sit back & relax (well perhaps for a day or two!!!).

  4. It looks like it was a big success =) I love the pic of Kobe and Aaron its so natural..


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