Friday, 6 November 2009

A Play at the Park

Today we met up with Anna, Clare and Helene at Punchbowl. The weather is so changeable at the moment - we have a few really lovely warm days and then it's freezing and windy again, so at the moment if we have a lovely day we try to make the most of it.

It seemed like everyone else had the same idea as the park was packed out with mother's groups and child care centres visiting. Harri was excited to have ran into three of his mates from Kinder.

He kept calling out to Darcy 'come on Darcy!' to try to get him to come and play with him.

Kobe is sooo different to his brothers. He is such a live wire (Harri is also a live wire, but as a toddler he was a lot more placid).

He didn't stop the whole time which meant I didn't get much of a chance to actually sit down and chat with the girls, as I was constantly chasing him around and making sure he wasn't taking off (which my Mum can relate to as he decided to take off down the street the other day on her!). He even went up to some ladies who were sitting with dips and crackers and stood there asking them (in his way) for some! I went over to pull him away and they were like 'oh no he can have some!' and gave him a cracker. He wasn't happy with just a cracker and wanted some dip as well!! They were laughing and didn't mind at all and gave him some. Little monkey!

It is so much easier when they are Imogen's age and pretty much just feed and sleep (most of the time!).

Chloe was so cute on the swing. She didn't want to hold on as she was too busy eating at the same time.

It was nice to catch up with the girls as we don't often just get to see each other to hang out, and don't get to see Helene very much at all.

Thanks for the play girls. We should do it more often now the weather is getting so nice!


  1. I love this weather and I love Punchbowl - such a great park but the water scares me with all the little ones around (and the snakes). Hopefully this weather will keep up!

  2. It was a fun morning. We should definitely do it more often. Thanks heaps for coming Lisa

  3. Oh as if anyone could resist Kobe and his cheeky grin!!

  4. Kobe looks sooo much older in those photos! And i agree- as if anyone could resist him!!


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