Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Day 3

As usual with hospital trips with Noah, it looks like we are in for the long haul once again. Every day we start to wean him off the oxygen, and everytime we do his sats drop down to the high 80s again. The Drs said today that because they think it's viral the antibiotics aren't really getting rid of the pneumonia fast and it's just something he has to get through. In the meantime we are turning the oxygen up and down and up again, waiting for the time when Noah doesn't need it so we can get out of here.

I think everyone is starting to feel it a bit as the boys are looking really tired and are grizzly and not really themselves. It's hard sharing time between home and hospital with them and trying to have a normal routine as much as possible, at the same time.

Today Mum came and sat with Noah for 4 hours so I could go home with Harri and Kobe while Kobe had his afternoon nap. It was nice to get home and get some things done and know that Noah was well looked after. I felt bad for Mum though as I know how boring it can be sitting around all day and also tiring. I know she was glad to get a visit from Simone.

The boys were happy to come up after school for a visit and a play.

Kobe is just like Harri was years ago - loving exploring the ward and charming all the nurses.

Harri rang me tonight sobbing his heart out at bedtime saying he wanted to ring me because 'I love you Mum'. At first the boys find it fun when Noah is in hospital but after a few days you really notice that everyone is tired and not liking that the family is apart. Hopefully tomorrow Noah will be a lot better as we wean him off the oxygen so that we can get home really soon.


  1. It's dragging on, this hospital stay :( Hopefully Noah starts to do better without the oxygen tomorrow. Thinking of you heaps,

    Love Carli xxx.

  2. You are all amazing! Hope you get home soon.
    fiona x

  3. Hope tomorrow brings healthy lungs and a ticket of leave! You are amazing, your whole family is.

  4. oh my heart feels for ya. I have only done it the one time when Rosie had to have the stuff taken out of her lung. Its so hard being there and have your family run normally. I also get it every time Dave goes to Vietnam.... Thank goodness we arent single Mums hey! HAng in there Lisa. GIve NOah a kiss for me. Love ya xoxChels.

  5. Oh, when you said Harri rang you up sobbing, and telling you he loved you! Made me want to cry. You're in our prayers. xxx

  6. praying that Noah will be home very soon.

  7. I rang your place this morning, Harri answered and said, "Is that you Mum?" I almost wanted to say it was, just to make him feel better! It must be hard being away from them all, especially hard to be away from Kobe, as he's growing so quickly.

  8. I hope you are all better soon Noah!! xx

  9. I can just see Kobe charming all the nurses. He would love all their attention!!


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