Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kenneth Cope

Last night we had an amazing opportunity to meet Kenneth Cope and attend a concert that he put on. He is an LDS contemporary singer from the USA and I have LOVED his music for years - since I was a teenager. He has a lot of CDs out and is also a producer and mentor for other contemporary artists. I remember putting on the 'Greater than us all' firesides at church and absolutely loving the music. I was lucky enough to be able to have seen him in concert when I went to Ricks College (BYU Idaho) and never thought I would get the opportunity to see him again.

In March our youth from church had a convention where they were able to have a live link up with him via the net. They all loved it and so did Kenneth. When two stakes from Sydney decided to sponser him to come over to see them, we were excited to hear that he wanted to pop down to Tassie before he went back home to visit the youth!

Last night we had a BBQ for the youth before the concert. It was so exciting to finally meet him. The youth loved it and he was so friendly and amazingly remembered all of his friends from Facebook! When he would realise one of them was his friend on Facebook that he had 'spoken' to he would give them a big hug.

Lucy, Laurie and Abby were soooo funny. They came with t-shirts that they had put '#1 fan' on the front, and 'Lucy loves Kenneth' etc. with his picture on the back. Those girls crack me up. He thought it was hilarious.

Throughout the night he was chatting to people and was so friendly.

He didn't mind at all being asked over, and over and over again for photos!

After the BBQ we headed to the community complex for the concert. Mum and Dad had the boys with them at the park while we were at the BBQ. Jalen was excited to meet him, and Harri was his usual self and wanted to play with his friends instead! :) We had to bribe him to come for the photo!

The concert was so good. He sang a mix of contemporary and spiritual songs and even had the boys cracking up as he did some funny sounds into the mic including Darth Vadar noises. Harri even went up to him after the concert to ask if he could do the Star War sounds again!

We are looking forward to seeing him again tonight as he does a 'fireside' for us - a meeting at church that has more of a spiritual feel to it.


  1. It was such a great night! He was soo nice!! I can't wait for tonight now, it will be even better!!! =D =D

  2. What awesome youth we have ..just looking at the pictures of them with Kenneth Cope makes you realize how special they all are...OUR YOUTH ROC.....

  3. I am so sad I missed it! Great to see the photos and here how much fun it was last night! Loved the fan t'shirts!

  4. JEALOUS!! Why would anyone go to England the year Kenneth Cope comes to tassie!? (thanks for least I feel like I have 'seen' him now!!!)

  5. Hannah - I'm sure the year in England will be memorable but oh boy you missed out! :) Kenneth was sooooo amazing. He just had such a strong spirit with him. I was choking back tears with every song he sang at the fireside last night. Such a lovely guy too - so great with the youth.

  6. how awesome!!!!!!! what an experience.
    I wonder if he is coming here??? maybe i have missed out?

  7. Bride - he is only going to two stakes in Sydney and Tassie. It's a pity as he is an amazing person and performer. The loveliest guy you could meet. I joked with him that he was like the pied piper last night as the youth just followed him wherever he went. His voice is absolutely incredible!

  8. I love the pic of Rohan and Jay laughing!...What an awesome man...i'm so in love with him haha! The girls are a crack up! GREAT idea with the t-shirts!

  9. I'm so glad as of that afternoon eli was totally back to his normal self so we could actually go. I didnt think we'd be able to. (and i'm so glad I had trusty Bek there running after him!!)
    Great photos....i noticed lucy's top when she went up to say the closing prayer- what a crack up. we were blessed to have him visit and perform for us down here in tassie.

  10. We were very lucky to have him come all the way down here. What a good year for you to be called into youth with you being such a big fan!


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