Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Both Jay and Harri have chores that they have to do each day or they don't get pocket money at the end of the week. The jobs that they have to do is clean their bedroom before school, empty the dishwasher before school and set and clear the table at tea time. Jalen also has to take out the recycling to the recycling bin.

Kobe has decided that he also wants to be a part of doing their jobs every morning, and as soon as he hears the boys at the dishwasher, he rushes out to help them.

The boys have to be really quick as he will drop a plate or bowl if they are not ready to get it from him!

The other day I asked Harri to empty the dishwasher and came into the kitchen to find this!

I couldn't stop laughing as he told me that he was 'Luke Skywalker'. I didn't know Luke Skywalker had a mullet! :)


  1. Does Aaron bring out the mullet wig for your hot dates?

  2. Do they share their pocket money with Kobe??

  3. ha ha - yeah I'm glad Kobe is too young to know what pocket money is about just yet, or I'm sure he will be hitting me for it!

  4. He is a worry, that kid!!
    You have to laugh, he is unique.
    Love Mum.

  5. Unique is definitely one word for Harri!! That is a shepherds costume from Christmas he has on too btw! It has now been transformed into a Luke Skywalker costume.

  6. Kobe is so cute helping his brothers! Harri is such a crack up!!!

  7. I think he looks more like Joe Dirt!! So cute though!!

  8. hahaha i LOVE it! Star wars is the BEST!
    p.s KENNETH IS AMAZING!! you will LOVE him!

  9. pps i only just noticed your new header! what a surprise...you're at the pool! haha

  10. Collette - I thought YOU would appreciate the new header :) CAN'T wait for Kenneth!! Two nights in a row too - we are very lucky!!

  11. That's hilarious! I LOVE the new header - great photos!

    Kylie (Blogger wont let me log on - having one of THOSE day!)


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