Monday, 9 November 2009

where did you come from!?

I'm not sure what is up with the weather at the moment, but having the temperature around 30 degrees in November in Tasmania is unheard of. It's supposed to be like it all week, but I'm not holding my breath as the weather just seems to not stay nice at the moment for any length of time. It was so warm today that we decided to go or a swim after tea.

It was a beautiful night and the water was really nice. Noah had already been for a swim at school so he sat and watched and listened to all the sounds.

Kobe loved the water but wasn't too keen on being in the outside pools - not like Harri who was hanging out all day to go to the pool. He kept telling me we should go (Harri, Kobe and I) and that he wouldn't tell Jalen if we went as he knew he would be sad.

Kobe kept looking longingly at the 'bucket' pool inside. He absolutely loves it in there, so we gave up trying to keep him outside and went in for a play. The last couple of weeks he has been loving going on slides - especially at Mum and Dad's house. Aaron took him down the slide a couple of times and he just about wet himself laughing. He didn't even care when he got sooo wet at the end or had the whole bucket dump water on top of him!

After a few goes with Aaron he decided that he wanted to go on his own. At first we weren't quite sure if we should let him, but decided to have one of us catch him at the end.

Oh boy - he was sooooo excited! He laughed all the way down and then wanted to go straight back up and do it all over again, and again, and again! I have no idea where he came from as Jalen and Harri were not at all like him as toddlers. He is such a dare devil and has NO fear at all.

Wherever he came from, it's nice to have such a fun little man in our family. He definitely brings a smile to our face every single day with his crazy antics. As Jalen said last week 'he's gorgeous, but is the devil in disguise' :)


  1. That is one little boy that loves life.
    He is so sure of what he can do. To think he was terrified of the 'bucket'
    I think he will be the one out of the boys who will just adore Tracey when he knows she only wants to be friendly.
    He makes me laugh every time I an with him.
    He is going to love Summer this year.
    Love Mum.

  2. he he so funny. It looks like there werent many people there? Surely not right?

  3. Chels - it was around 6.30-7.30 at night and was surprisingly quiet. I guess a lot of people would have gone to the Gorge or Riverside pool now as its nice to be outside swimming.

  4. Looks like a fun night. I laughed when I read that Harri said he wouldn't tell Jalen if you went during the day.

  5. Love Kobe's face coming down the slide alone! Jalen isn't sick is he?

  6. What a great day it was yesterday, and even better to go swimming later in the evening as everyone is usually at home which makes it more fun for little kids like Kobe to be a dare devil without the worry of being pushed by some of the bigger kids!

  7. Kylie - Jay isn't sick but was really dehydrated from spending the day at Hagley farm school yesterday in the heat and not having much shade all day. He wasn't up to swimming.

  8. It was SUCH a hot day!! Kobe is sooo funny coming down that slide!! He cracks me up! Hope he doesn't have a bump on his head from me today!

  9. Still keeping the employees of windmill hill in a job i see..or should i say 'launceston aquatic' Kobe is getting so big! not seeing him all the time i'm noticing it heaps! he is such a little man now!


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