Monday, 1 April 2013

Our Easter

At first it didn't feel like this Easter would be as hard as last year, and it wasn't, but it was still hard.  It surprised me how grief can just creep up when you are feeling quite strong and on top of it.  As soon as I got home from work last Thursday I dreaded the next few days on our own.  

We would usually have brunch on Good Friday with my whole family, but this year we decided to have a family dinner on Sunday instead.  On Friday morning Aaron's Dad and Step Mum Carrol and sister Kim dropped in.  It was lovely to see them and show them our new house as they hadn't seen it yet.  They were really happy for us and loved our house as much as we do.  They brought the boys and I lots of Easter eggs, so all day Friday we pigged out on chocolate and some lovely hot cross buns which Alison's housemate had made.

I knew the only way to get through the Easter holidays without feeling too down was to keep busy, so on Friday afternoon we went to the movies.  Town was absolutely deserted since all the shops were shut, so it was the perfect chance to take photos in the mall with the trees with their changing leaves.  It looked beautiful, but made me feel sad that summer is definitely over. 

On Friday night the beautiful Cupcake Fairy - Nic left some special Easter treats at our front door including these beautiful cupcakes.

Easter Bunny came late on Saturday night and dropped eggs all the way from the front door all the way upstairs to each of our bedrooms.  Harri and Kobe were both so excited about Easter Bunny coming and had so many questions about him. It was hard to feel the same excitement when I just felt so sad that it was another Easter without Noah and Aaron
They boys woke up at their usual time on Sunday morning and were excited to see what Easter Bunny had left them.  Kobe and Harri thought it was so funny that Easter Bunny had dropped some eggs on the way in. 
At church Kym did a great lesson in Primary for the kids about the Last Supper and the Savior washing the apostles feet.  Kobe and Harri loved it and loved that they got to eat some flatbread and have some juice as a part of it. 

After church we went to the cemetery and put some more Easter decorations on Noah's tree.  As soon as we got there Kobe's lip started quivering and he said 'I want to give Noah one of my eggs'.   He pulled one out of his pocket and put it down on his grave and said 'there you go Noah' and started crying.  He doesn't usually get so upset when we are there and it broke my heart to see him so sad.  I told him what a lovely brother he was and he sat down and just cried and cried. 

Seeing Kobe so upset set me off and we all had a good cry together. 
We were going to my brother Eden's new house for tea and the beach always makes me feel so much better, so on the way there I decided that we would go for a quick walk on the beach at Hawley before we went there.   We only stayed for about half and hour, but it was so nice.  Whenever I'm at the beach I wonder why I didn't just sell up and move close to the beach as it's so therapeutic.
We dragged ourselves away from the beach and went to Eden and Steph's beautiful new home for tea.  Eden has done such an amazing job building it.  Chrish and the Watsons weren't with us this year, so it was nice to have Jonny and Scarlett and the missionaries from church join us.

Jay had the big job of hiding all the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Aunty Steph reminded the kids of the rules before they all set off.
Lachie did amazingly, considering he has his leg in plaster. 
Once all the eggs were found they were given out again so everyone got their fair share. 
During the week I told the boys that Jonny and Scarlett were going to come for tea as well.  Harri couldn't remember who they were so I reminded him that he calls Jonny 'Brendan Fevola' as he thinks he looks like him.  They were then excited as they remembered on Christmas Day that he did some magic tricks for them.   The boys loved it when Jonny did some more magic tricks for them again last night.  On the way home I said something about the cool tricks that Jonny did and Kobe said 'who!?'.  I then realised that he didn't know his name is actually Jonny, so I said 'you know - Brendan Fevola' and Kobe said 'oh yeah!' :) Sorry Jonny - I think you are always going to be known as 'Fev' from now on.
What started off as a sad Easter Sunday ended up being a lovely night together with family and friends.


  1. It tickles me to see you celebrating Easter in fall in Australia because here in Canada it's spring so it's not a holiday I associate with fall, just like with Christmas; you have it in summer; here we have it in winter.

  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend. I wasn't a widow at 25 but one day my hubby said to me and our 5 mth old, see ya
    And our temple marriage was over. I HATED weekends.
    I hated seeing families together. I thought it was soooo unfair. What had I done wrong??!! Other than love him,

    So I am really happy that Easter went well for you. I use to dread weekends, holiday weekends, holidays...anything! It was just awful. So well done, looks like you made some happy memories for your boys.
    Nicola in nz

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