Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lawn(ed) Cemetery

For fifteen months we have been visiting Aaron's grave and trying to pretty it up as much as possible, because even though it's a lawn cemetery, it is in a part of the cemetery where there is no lawn yet.  It's crazy to think that one day while we were at Noah's grave we commented about how awful it looked and how awful it would be to have to bury someone in that section.  It's still hard to believe that he's buried there. 

The workers at the cemetery are lovely and often come over to me when I'm at the cemetery and fill me in on what the plans are for both Noah's and Aaron's graves, so I knew that they were planning on putting the lawn seed down in Aaron's section during autumn. 

 Over a month ago we were excited to see that they were finally starting to level off the graves in Aaron's section.
We kept going back every day to see if there was any progress made, but it took another couple of weeks before they put down top soil and lawn seed.   After a little while we stopped going up and checking every day because there wasn't much happening as they were busy doing work in other sections.
I had so much on my mind when I was thinking about selling and moving house and I hated being at home, so I spent a lot of time at the cemetery in the months leading up to putting our old house on the market.   

Since moving into our new house we haven't been going to the cemetery as often.  We were surprised when we went for our weekly visit after church a few weeks ago, to see that they had finally put down some top soil. 
The person who had reserved the grave opposite Aaron's passed away just a few weeks ago, so now there is a fresh grave opposite him. 
 A week ago we went back and were excited to see little shoots of grass starting to pop up. 
We couldn't believe it today when we pulled up. It's amazing what a difference a week makes! The grass looks so beautiful and green.   We've had a great grass growing week, with some sunny days but also patches of rain. 
It looks so much nicer now without all the dirt and mounds of dirt on top of each grave.  It will be nice to take some flowers back up there now that I know they aren't going to be covered in dirt, dust or mud.
 As horrible as it is that Aaron actually has to have a grave, it's nice to have it looking so much nicer now. 


  1. That looks so much better, it's amazing, but now we just can't leave anything there besides flowers, and it is still so unbelievable that Aaron is there.
    Love Mum.

  2. I'm so pleased to see some beauty now to such a peaceful place , it will make it more pleasant for you to visit . Love to you all jodie xx

  3. Hi Lisa. My father passed away unexpectedly four weeks ago today. He was such a source of strength for me...I have dreaded that day my entire life. It has been painful. I had the thought (soon after he passed) that reading your blog over the past 15 months (has it been that long?) has helped to prepare me. I know from your experience that even though we know Heavenly Father's plan, we still grieve. I appreciate your sharing your heart with so many strangers. Do you realize you give us strength? :) I had a dream last year that my father had died and I went to the funeral home. In my dream he appeared to me and looked so healthy and wonderful. He said "Nancy, it's o.k. We'll be apart a short time, but we will be together forever." At the time I thought "Heavenly Father is preparing me," even though I felt he had many years left on earth. Now I also feel that is what my dad would say to me now. Of course it does not feel like a short time, but what a beautiful thought that we can be together forever. Forever is such a wonderful word! Anyway, just wanted to thank you. (And I think if we were in the same ward we would be buddies. Do Australians use the word "buddies?" :)
    Love from Nancy in Nevada

    1. Hi Nancy. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Thank you so much for your kind words. For me my blog is just getting all my thoughts out and processing what is happening, and creating a record for my boys. I'm amazed every day when people say that it is helping them in some way. No it doesn't feel like a short time at all, and I wonder how I can live the rest of my life on earth without Aaron and Noah, but I feel them close by at different times, and it reminds me they aren't really far away. Love, prayers and thoughts for you as you continue on without your Dad. Yes we use the word 'buddies' - I'm sure we would be buddies too :)

  4. It's nice to see grass.
    So green lush and new. Sooo much nicer.

    1. Thank you Nic - it looks much nicer hey :)

  5. This post has made me so happy I have tears streaming down my face. I am so pleased Aaron finally has grass, something I've wished for, for almost as long as you. I did write to the cemetery once early on to see if they could do something a bit sooner for you and your boys. A very kind gentleman phoned me and explained the whole process of preparing for grass and said they would do it as soon as they possibly could. I asked them to keep in regular touch with you about the process and it seems they have made a big effort to do so. I really love the three shadows photo, so poignant. I hope you can now all can enjoy your family cemetery visits more now the grass is looking so lovely and fresh. It makes such a difference.

    1. Thank you Lisa for your kindness. I was aware as soon as Aaron was buried that it was going to be a little while until the area was grassed because they have to wait for certain seasons as well as certain areas to fill up more. The cemetery have always been very good at keeping me aware of things and explaining why things were taking a long time. It's lovely to have it so nice and green now. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. xxx


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