Sunday, 21 April 2013

Doing it for Dad {Hawks V Freo}

Footy season is back in full swing and I'm happy to say that Harri is back into it, big time.  Last year Harri still liked footy, but he kind of lost his enthusiasm for it.  Every time the footy was on TV or if we would go and watch it live, he would get really upset because he said it would 'make him think about Daddy'.

This year he says he still wishes that Aaron was here to watch it with him, but he is able to watch it without getting as upset.  Last year he hardly knew where each team was on the ladder.  This year he's totally obsessed with footy again.  He eats, breaths and sleeps footy and knows all the stats, where everyone is on the ladder and who is injured each week.

Yesterday we were excited to be able to go our first live game of the season with my Mum (other than the NAB cup) to watch the Hawks play Fremantle.  Apparently you can never have too many Hawks geurnseys. I pulled all of Aaron's out to decide which one to wear to the game. 

 I was surprised that Kobe was so excited about the game.  He is really starting to want to copy Harri with everything he does, including being into the footy.  He wanted to get all decked out in Hawks gear.  
He kept saying 'Daddy would love me in my Hawks stuff wouldn't he Mum?', 'Daddy would be watching us right now wouldn't he Mum!?'.
Jay would've preferred to have stayed at home, but I kept telling him that we were going together and were doing it for Dad.  I know Jay isn't into sport and especially not into footy, and I don't mind at all.   I just feel like footy and the Hawks were such a big part of Aaron's life, that I want to continue doing it together as family for him.  We have a family membership which means we have allocated seats at each game, so it would be silly to waste the membership and seats as well.  He pretended he was excited, just to be silly and make me laugh.  
But once the game started he hardly looked up from his phone (Aaron's phone which he inherited).
 I kept telling Jay that if he actually watched the game he would get into it, but he wasn't so sure.  At the end he did watch for a little bit and kept laughing at us screaming our heads off.  It was a great game with the Hawks winning.
Even before they won Kobe was singing the Hawks theme song - he cracked me up as he only knew half the words.   He makes me laugh so much. 

 At the game a lady came up to us and asked if the boys wanted to get their photos taken to go on a pretend Hawk Talk magazine cover.  I looked at Harri and shook my head as I was thinking it would cost a bit, and had just spent way too much money on a new top for Harri as he grew out of his last one.   When she told us it was free, we jumped at the chance.  
The boys loved their magazine covers and I will frame them to put in their bedrooms.  
We are looking forward to going to some more live games this season (well most of us are!).


  1. I love the magazine covers- it's great that you got them for free! On a totally unrelated topic, I have a question I hope you can help me with. I know that you have been to Liffey Falls quite a few times and I'm hoping to take my partner and his children there next week as we've never been. However, I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant (though pretty fit) and my partner is visually impaired and has a Seeing Eye Dog. Do you think we would be able to cope with the walk? As long as it isn't too steep I should be fine, and as long as the track is fairly clear he should be fine.
    Thanks Lisa- have been reading your blog for several years now (I'm a friend/former colleague of Lisa Wheeler) and always look forwards to your posts. You and the boys are an inspiration with your strength and determination to keep going.

    1. Hi - you should be right at Liffey falls. It only gets a little bit steep right at the end when there are a few steps but its not long. Would the dog be okay with the steps too? The track is really good and clear. Enjoy - its Baruch a beautiful place!

    2. Or such - not Baruch! Silly predictive text ! :)

    3. Thanks! The dog and Rob should be fine on the steps. That's really helpful and we will definitely go next week.
      -Kaz (formerly Bebb)

  2. Great post and loved the videos and the magazine covers. Glad they were free so the boys could have them. What a fun day for all of you.


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