Friday, 5 April 2013

The Best Present Ever

The other day I remembered the best Christmas present that I was given which I hadn't shared on my blog.   The boys each made me a card, and this is the card that Jay gave me.  I'm always onto him about his writing, but I didn't care that it was his usual messy handwriting - what he wrote meant so much to me.  It was the best Christmas present ever and if I only got that I would've been the happiest Mum ever.
Things are pretty hard right now and sometimes it's hard to know whether the decisions I am making for my boys, in trying to help them deal with their own grief, are the right ones.  This just reminds me that the boys do appreciate things I do and say, even though sometimes they think it's too hard at the time. 

We will get there together and I hope that we can look back in the future and see how far we have come together, because without my boys I couldn't do it either.


  1. I'm sorry that its been a hard week. Your boys love you so much and it's sweet to see their tender notes and drawings.

  2. I am interested in painting our master shower like you did. Was it easy? Is it a frequently used shower and is the painting holding up ok without peeling? Thanks Tina Jones

    1. Hi Tina - you must follow me on Instagram? :) Yes it was SO easy and it looks great and isn't peeling at all. We use that shower a number of times a day. My cousin told me they did theirs about 5 years ago and it's still holding up really well. Good luck!

  3. The sentiment in that Christmas card is beautiful! This is something to treasure forever, and I know your heart must be swelling with pride because of the thoughtfulness of Jalen. Children just make your heart melt.

  4. You are a great mum and your boys do appreciate everything you do for them. How could they not?

    What a beautiful message this card gives you. It is so special and precious when children write the words straight from their heart.

    From Susan McGuire, Sydney :)

  5. love this... messy writing... doctors have messy writing!


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