Friday, 26 April 2013

Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day hasn't felt the same since Pop passed away, but it's still a special day and we always make sure that we go to the ANZAC march, not only for Pop but for all those who fought for our country. 
We miss seeing Pop march.  He always marched so proudly and always made us smile with his bow tie.
This year Uncle Howard came down from Queensland to march with Pop's medals.  It was lovely to see him and Aunty Marilyn again. 

Checking out the ANZAC Day window display with Grandma.

Harri got very quiet and I knew he was upset about something and just assumed he was missing Aaron and Noah.  After the march he told me he was feeling sad because he was missing Pop.

Deloraine turned on the weather as usual and it started raining a little bit, just as the service started at the cenotaph.
I snapped a photo of Kobe who was being very reverent during one of the prayers. When he opened his eyes he saw that I was taking a photo and told me right off! He pointed his finger at me and told me that I should be shutting my eyes! Kobe was fascinated when I was telling him what ANZAC Day was about, and couldn't get his head around that people went to war, and that Pop was one of those who went.
My cute nephew Hugh and my cousin Ty's daughter, Nancy.  Her Mum, Sam was in labour last ANZAC Day and she was born the next day. 
It's so nice to see that there are still big crowds every year to the ANZAC march.  
After the march we headed out to the Raspberry Farm to have lunch with my extended family. Lots of us got together to catch up with Aunty Marilyn and Uncle Howard while they were down from Queensland.  Aunty Marilyn had brought down a lot of her old photos of Aaron and I from her albums for me to copy.  Some of them are classics, so I'll have to post them at some stage as the boys love seeing them.
We had a lovely lunch and the boys were excited they coud have waffles and pancakes for lunch.
We took up about half of the restaurant.
It was lovely to be together with family on such a special and important day. 


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I had to look up ANZAC Day as I live in the States and I'm not familiar with it. What a wonderful memorial day for your soldiers. I went back and read all your entries about your Pop - what a great man he must have been. How very lucky you are to have had a such great hero in your life.

    With love from the USA,

    1. Thank you Mary. Pop was a great man - so loved by so many. He used to always say to Aaron 'are you looking after Janey' (his nickname for me as Jane is my middle name). Then he would say 'if not I'll punch ya in the guts!'. Only Pop could get away with saying something like that :)

  2. Lovely post Lisa. I have been mindful lately of the soldiers that fought for our country, given that we have recently had access to photos of my grandfather, my father's father and other relatives in uniform. One was apparently shot in the arm during the war. Your photos are lovely. We are so blessed to live in this country and share the blessing of the freedom that we have. I am so happy to see so many young people coming out early in the morning the see the dawn service .... keeping the memory of what those that have gone before have done for us.

    1. It's great that so many still go to the services isn't it. We are very blessed.

  3. wonderful traditions to carry on is never forgotten when they are remembered like this Lisa XXX

  4. Pictures of Anzac Day at Deloraine brings back memories of watching marches there in the early 50's. To make up numbers the Area School pupils and Convent marched. And Deloraine had its own Silver Band until it was disbanded
    and the Launceston City Band took over. I was only 4 when the RSL Clubrooms openedin 1951. I remember sitting on the hill across the road when it was dedicated and opened by a naval hero who was born in Deloraine. Gee that was 60 years ago!

    1. Time flies hey :) They still have all the schools marching including Mole Creek, Deloraine Primary and High and the Convent.

  5. Glad you were able to be with the family and remember a man you all love so much.



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