Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What We Love

When you sell a pretty much brand new house and move into a forty year old one there are lots of things that you notice such as cracks in the walls, creaky floors, a small kitchen, and not many cupboards to store all your crap.  But despite these things we are still loving our new 'old' house.
We love the location because it means that the boys can now walk to school.  It kind of feels like I'm on holiday because the morning isn't spent yelling at the boys (of course I'd never yell though! ;) to hurry up to get ready for school and get into the car.  Jay knows what time he has to leave to get to school on time, so he just gets ready and says goodbye and heads off when it's time.  He loves being able to walk and it's nice hearing him walk in the door after school. 

Kobe on the other hand cracks me up because he is so lazy and as soon as we leave home he says 'my legs are so tired from walking to school!'.  We seriously do not have far to walk at all! 
I'm so glad that I decided to sell and buy again, rather than rent because it means that I can do whatever I want to the house to make it our own.   I loved my chalk board that I painted on my kitchen wall in our old house, and used it all the time to write down what we had on every day, so one of the first things I wanted to do was paint another chalk board (too bad that I had more unpacking to do - that had to wait!). 
I am so happy that my bedroom is big enough to have Noah and Aaron's boxes in it.  It's nice to have their special things close to me all the time.  
By far our favourite room in the house is the sunroom.
I love that Harri will just sit out there and read a book in the sun.
I've definitely found my new favourite spot for Sunday afternoon (actually any afternoon!) nanna naps!

It seems funny that we have only been here for a week and a half, but already feel so at home here.  I don't even think about driving back to our old house anymore and although I'm still going through a lot of grief, it just feels so much easier to deal with now we are away from our old house.

The boys are all feeling really sad at the moment and I know that although they love the new house, they are finding it really hard.  I'm sure if Jay and Kobe were given the choice they would choose to go back to our old house, but I'm hoping that they will soon stop missing our old house so much, and will just enjoy all the things about our new house - cracks in the wall and creaky floors and all.


  1. so pleased your new home is all you want it to be...and it will be more i am sure....loving that sunny room...

  2. I'm so happy for you. I can tell in your writings that feel so much better. Your new home is beautiful and from the photos looks "brand new"! That sun room is amazing and I wish I had one! Your doing an incredible job! Take care! ~Lisa from Sherwood, Oregon USA

  3. Kobe looks so much older in that picture of him on the stairs! That sunroom is beautiful! I love the chalkboard idea. Might have to do that in my house! ;)

  4. Looking forward to laying on that couch in the sun, I might have to fight the boys for a spot.
    It's looking great.
    Love Mum.

  5. Lisa,

    As hard as it was, I really do believe you have made the right decision for both you and the boys.

    I am in love with your new, old house and incredibly jealous of the sun room. It's stunning!!

    I'm glad that Jay is enjoying being all grown up, walking to and from school and I will pray that Harri and Kobe adjust to the new house and stop feeling sad and missing the old house quickly.

  6. Your new house looks so nice and I'm glad you are starting fresh, but still holding onto the precious memories you have of your loved ones. I'm sure they are very happy for you and the boys...I just love reading your blog and am glad to have ran across it. Congrats on the new home...it looks so peaceful and cozy!

  7. What an amazing family you have! I've been reading your blog for some time and have been praying for ya'll! Your house looks awsome and the view from the sun room is magnificent! I know the move was hard but now you and your family can start a new chapter in your lives. You and your family are inspirations to us all..God Bless!

    Becky Cooper
    Plano, TX

  8. A house is just a house. A home is filled with love and making new memories, and you are beginning to do that. I give you a lot of credit for doing what you had to do to help heal. I am sure it is hard for the boys, but in time, they will come to feel at home in their new home. I love your sunroom--what a very special place to sit. The view is spectacular. Much love to you and your family in your new home--cracks in the walls and creaky floors, too!!

  9. The sun room is wonderful. And I can understand how it might be easier to get away from your old home and start fresh.

    And walking to school is cool!



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