Saturday, 16 March 2013

Around My Neck

Over the past 18 months we have received so many amazing, beautiful and generous gifts from strangers and friends.   Some of them I have shared, but many I haven't.  I find it hard to talk about things that people have done for us or given us, because I truly feel like we don't deserve to be given so much.   I hope though that everyone realises how much everything means to us - big and small.  It really brightens our day to know that people are thinking of us. Just a card in the mail, even a year later means so much.  It is so nice to check my emails and have emails from strangers from all over the world, letting me know that they are thinking of us and praying for us. 

When Noah passed away my friend Kylie ordered me a beautiful necklace which I treasure so much.  It has the names of each of my boys on it, and everyone who sees it comments on it and asks me where I got it from.   She bought it from Kath at LOVEnCHERISH.

Since then Kath has been so lovely and has sent me two more beautiful necklaces as gifts. On the day of Aaron's funeral I got home to find a beautiful necklace in the mail which said 'Aaron - forever in my heart' on it.

Since moving I can't find it and another special necklace that I had, so I'm hoping it will magically turn up as I wore it all the time.  I only stopped wearing it because when we got back from our holiday to Queensland, there was another beautiful necklace waiting for me, that Kath had sent as a gift.

She sent it for the one year anniversary since Aaron passed away, which meant so much to me.  It means so much to know that people still know how hard it is, even a year later. I love the necklace so much, as well as my others that she has sent me.  I wear it every day, but have learnt that it's not the best idea to wear it to work as it is constantly grabbed by the kids.  I feel lost now when I don't wear one of my necklaces.  It makes me feel like I have my boys close to me, so I make sure that I wear one whenever I'm not at work, or the gym.
Thank you Kath for your kindness.   I treasure my necklaces and it means so much to me that you know how much I am missing them every single day.  I am grateful I can have Noah and Aaron close to me in some way - even if it's just having their names around my neck.


  1. Your a very strong lady who I admire. I only hope if i face loss like you have I can have half your strength and courage. I think of you and your family often and I have cried many tears for you whilst reading your blog over the last 15 months or so. I hope your new home brings beauty, joy and healing energy to you and your sons.

  2. I'm sure the necklaces will turn up at the right time. There is something comforting in wearing their names close to your heart.

  3. Kath is a very special lady withe the kindest heart.
    Bless her.
    Love Mum.

  4. It's great that you have such a good friend. And when you are a good friend to her, it will always return in bad times. I wish you all the love there is.

  5. The necklace is beautiful, and what a wonderful friend Kath is to be thinking of you all the time. I'm sure it helps to heal your heart. Your other necklaces will show up when you least expect them to. Thinking of you all the way from Massachusetts.


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