Monday, 11 March 2013

Always and forever Hawthorn

It's crazy to think it's footy season already. It only seemed like it was a couple of months ago when we were cheering the Hawks on in the AFL grand final. When the renewal for our Hawthorn membership came in the mail, there was no question as to whether or not I would renew it. We had a family membership so I decided to stick with the same membership so that Aaron and Noah would still both be members.

It's strange having their membership cards and seeing their names on them and knowing they can't use them, but I'm sure Aaron would love that he is still a member and would that the years he has been a member continues to increase.

A month ago we went along to the Hawks community camp event.  Harri was so excited to join in playing games with the Hawks players.  Some of the players were so lovely to the kids and made a special effort to chat to them and get involved with them.  This player was so lovely to the boys and helped Kobe in all the games.  I heard him asking the boys their names and he told them his name was Jack (Gunston).  We didn't stay long because I just felt so sad being there without Aaron.  Some days it just hits you and often at times when I'm not expecting.  I thought it would be fun to take the boys and it was, but it didn't take long to feel teary, so I quickly told the boys we were leaving which they weren't happy about.  We would always go to things like that as a whole family, so it was hard being there without Noah and Aaron.

Last Saturday the Hawks played against the Tiigers in a NAB cup game, here at Aurora Stadium.  After school on Friday we made it to the end of the Hawks training, just as some of the players were leaving and were walking to their hotel.  It was so cool to pass them on the street and say hi to them, and they were lovely enough to be happy to stop for a photo.

We also were able to get photos with Sam Mitchell and Josh Gibson before they left the ground after training.

On Saturday we searched the house and garage for all our Hawks gear to wear to the game.  It's hard when you are in a new house, and have no idea where anything is!  Mum, Chrish and Alison came along with us and Alison put on some Hawks colours just for the game (she's usually Bombers supporter).
We couldn't resist getting a photo taken with Hawka before the game.

We ran into a few friends at the game.  Eden has decided that she's now going for the Tigers so we had fun stirring her up. 
It was such a hot day, so we were glad we were sitting under cover in the shade. I have no idea what is going on with Tassie's summer this year, but I'm loving it and trying not to complain about the heat because I know it'll be gone before we know it, and I'll be complaining that it's too cold. 

It was a great game, with the Hawks losing by one point right on the siren when the Tigers kicked a goal.  Harri was going balistic, screaming his head off the whole last quarter.  He is so much like Aaron sometimes it scares me!   Some of us were obviously a lot more into it than others.  I said to Jay 'have you seen any of the game?' and he said 'yeah I saw some guy running!'.  He did admit he got into it in the last five minutes, and his heart was racing.
We are looking forward to the real footy season starting and are glad that the Hawks are playing three Saturday games in Tassie this year.  


  1. I'll be barracking extra hard this year for Aaron's sake, and it was so fun sitting next to Harri during the game, especially when the game was so close.
    Good to see Josh Gibson with the boys.
    I always think, well if the game gets boring I can always perve on Gibson..or Hodgey.... or...or...
    just kidding..not!!!
    GO HAWKS!!!!
    Love Mum.

  2. Lisa, your mom cracks me up! Ha ha!

    Love that you renewed your family membership. Aaron is probably so pleased. :)


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