Monday, 31 January 2011

Ty and Sam get Married

A few weeks ago my cousin Ty got married to Sam in the Sydney Temple. Yesterday was their wedding reception at a beautiful home that had magnificent gardens.

Sam is pretty cool and I knew that with the help of her awesome new sister in laws, the reception would be extra special. It was such a casual and fun reception. It felt more like a party than anything else.  There was so many little touches that made it extra special though - like drinking out of recycled glass jars...

and cute little banners and displays everywhere...

and a dress up box to keep the kids busy...

a fun photobooth area...

and some pretty cool bridesmaids who dished up the yummiest icecream...

and the coolest wedding food ever! It started off with platters and dips, then make your own gourmet salad rolls, and fairy bread for the kids. 

Not to forget the totally 'delicious' speech given by Cade who wasn't actually there as he is on his mission in Japan, but had everyone laughing as it was read by Jordan and was typical Cade style.

My boys were loving having a jam with Uncle Tom.
But the best thing about the day was seeing this cool couple so happy together. 
Congratulations Ty and Sam! Thanks for inviting us to your awesome wedding reception. It was definitely worth giving up a couple of days of our holiday to celebrate in such a fun way with you. 


  1. cool pics lisa! it was heaps of fun, huh?
    sorry i didn't stay up until 12:39am to read it ;)

  2. Such great pictures Lisa, was so sad we couldn't go but was great to see the creative side of Sam coming through. Cute ideas with the drinks and those cupcakes looked yum!!!!!

  3. smile smile smiling here! Love it. What a cuuuute couple and a perfect reception!

  4. TOTALLY LOVE everything about that reception. WOW! I love your photo booth pictures - cute lady, you! And the wedded couple are lovely.

  5. Looks like such a happy and fun reception - just like Sam and Ty.. Love your pics Lis, and LOVE the photobooth!! :)
    Step up Tone - i stayed up til 12:39am to read it! :P


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