Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Didding in the Sandpit

Aaron isn't the handiest of men, but I'm so proud of his efforts in building the boys a sandpit. When we were renting, we were always saying it would be nice to be able to build the boys a sandpit, so that's what we decided to do!

We had to wheelbarrow in all of the sand from around the front of the house to the sandpit.  It took hours.  Aaron would do 3 or 4 and then I would do 1 or 2 loads to give him a break.   Jay's job was to sit in the sandpit and transfer all the sand from the front of the sandpit to the back corner.

Harri was supposed to help him, but said 'I give up!' and decided it was more fun to sit and watch while having an icy pole.  He quickly got back in and helped when I told him he could only use the sandpit if he helped to get it ready!
It took two (very hot) days to finish it off, but it is so worth it to have such a fun spot for the boys to play.

Everyday Kobe says 'me didding' (digging) and goes out there for ages.  

Then he yells out to the boys 'Jay, Harri!!! Didding!!!' until they come out.

Harri has been having fun creating farms. 

It's a huge sandpit that takes up a lot of space in our very small yard, but  it's so nice that the boys have a big space to play together. 

Now I know Aaron is actually a little bit handy, I need to get him onto other jobs, like building me some raised vegie garden beds :)


  1. hope there are not too many cats around your neighberhood...they love popping in sandpits...
    good job Aaron...
    a pool party or rather a pit party in order i reckon... Hattie is here this week...she would love to come on by for a sand pit play ...

  2. maybe instead of a vegie garden, maybe aaron could bulid a pool and have it finished by the time I come back!!!

  3. Very impressive. Little Alex would love to come over and do some "didding" with Kobe.

  4. Very cool sandpit Aaron! Raised vegie gardens would be great - we love our vegie garden, and with all prices about to skyrocket, it's a good time to get started!

  5. I LOVE your sand pit! And icy poles? I love learning the lingo from down under. Love it!


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