Sunday, 9 January 2011


While Lisa and Gary and the girls are away in the USA, we hoped we would be able to keep in contact lots via facebook and Skype.  It's been hard to catch each other online on Facebook with the time differences, as we have been out lots enjoying our summer (sorry Lisa! ;) but hope that once school goes back (and the weather cools down) we will be able to talk most afternoons.  

Today was one of the rare occassions we were both online at the same time, so we decided to Skype each other and talk even though we couldn't see each other, as we both don't have cameras set up yet.  It was great talking away for ages, until we realised that because their girls got iPod touches for Christmas, that we could actually use Facetime on my iPhone and on Jay's iPod to video chat with them! 

Kobe was so excited to not only talk to Eden, but actually see her live! They were so funny getting right up to the screen to see each other, saying 'Hi,hi!' over and over again.
Check them out, blowing kisses to each other!

Gaz  showed us his lovely PJ's and gave us a tour of their apartment. He even took us outside to show us the snow but it was too dark to see anything.  I'm sure being able to talk to them lots like this is going to make the time go a lot faster. 


  1. Yeah Ive heard about facetime but never known how it worked. I can't imagine how people used to cope with just snail mail!!!

  2. it really is pretty cool to have this kind of technology, I wonder what the next 10 years will bring?

    Your house is lovely Lisa, I bet you don't know yourself having all that space.


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