Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tassie Weather...

don't you just love it! Flooding one day, perfect the next!  

Yesterday was a huge contrast to the day before.  The sun was out, and it was actually hot!   Noah isn't very well at the moment, so he stayed home with Aaron while I took the boys up to the Gorge. We were wondering whether the pool would be flooded, but only the basin was.

The boys jumped in the pool for a swim, and it was only after I took this photo that I saw the sign saying 'pool closed'! Whoops! There were a lot of other people swimming, and the security people were there watching a blocked off path, and also the police and they weren't telling anyone to get out, so I assumed we were okay to stay in.

It was a lovely afternoon.  Kobe had the best time just splashing in the water yelling 'me pool!!!'.

Lucky we went up yesterday, as today the pool has disappeared under the flood waters, and I just saw on the news that two teenagers had to be rescued by helicopter as the waters rose so quickly, that they were trapped on a rock in the middle of the gushing flood waters! What a crazy world we live in.


  1. Tassie- Wild one day, perfect the next!

  2. Hasnt it been crazy!!! Love the pic of the boys laying in the sun - cute!

  3. I always find it amazing how fast the weather can change. Glad you are enjoying some sun. I'm just now getting caught up on blogs...what's up with Noah? It's summer - he's not allowed to be sick!

  4. BRING ON THE SUMMER I SAY.. this weather is too off the wall for my liking... but i just hope it stays dry for our house building can rain all it likes then...retaining wall know boring) to come soon...
    Hugs and Nettie kisses for Noah..get better soon...


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