Saturday, 8 January 2011

More of our house

It's been a while since I've posted any more pics of our new house, so I thought now that the inside is pretty much done (except for a couple of little things) I should post some more.  We still need to get the front door painted, although some people actually like the colour that it came in (right Lynne!? :).

It's nice to have lots of wall space to put photos up.  We still have to work out which pics we will be putting up at the end of the hall, but Aaron is loving that he can have all his footy pics up (and I especially love that our hallways is so wide, that Noah's chair can be parked in the hall and there is still lots of room to get past).

I'm loving having so much space in the kitchen too. 

One end of our bedroom (Noah is at the other end).

I love that the boys have their own bedroom each. The amount of fights in the old house that they had because 'it was so and so who made the mess' have all gone. Now there is no one else to blame for a messy bedroom except for themselves. I think Jalen loves having his own space the most.

His room is so bright and sunny, especially in the morning.

He loves laying on his bed reading or playing on his iPod.

Harri also loves having his own space, but not as much as Jalen. I think he actually misses sharing a room with Jay a bit.

Kobe's room is also nice and sunny in the mornings.

It's such a nice room for him to go off and play in.  At our old house his room was so dark and dingy and he never went in there to play. 

It's still hard to believe that it's our house.  We are loving it so much, and I think I say to Aaron at least every other day 'I love our house!'. I will REALLY love it once the builder gets the outside finished! Hopefully not long now.


  1. I love it too! It's nice to see all the personal touches to it. You are very good to Aaron, letting him put football pictures up. ;)

  2. Oh it is just WONDERFUL! What a happy place to be!

  3. we need a bedroom each for the girls! WE hear that "she made the mess, Im not cleaning it up" argument ALL the time!!! It looks great Lis, I love it! Time to get ready for morning church ....!!!

  4. Noodles - there is so much wall space that I couldn't NOT let Aaron put his pics up :) He has up his three premiership teams - the two he coached at school and the 2008 Hawthorn team.

  5. Looks so good Lisa... i just love it when you can put holes where you want to...and put up what you really love looking at... I CANT WAIT i can tell you....(not that i dont have the most amazing land lords ...I DO...but i am ready for my own place now after a year that was supposed to be 6 months)

  6. I'm still jealous, how nice to have a brand new house, that you got to put together :)

    It looked great

  7. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love how uncluttered your house is. That's the look I go for too! :)

  8. just found your blog through toni and love your new house and your family! gorgeous! 4 boys would keep you on your toes



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