Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Notes on my Pillow

Today Noah and I were out at an appointment and when we returned home Harri yelled out of his bedroom window to me 'Mum! When you come inside, go and check out your bed'.

On my pillow was the cutest note from Harri saying "Love you Mum, from Harri".  

Aaron was telling me that while I was gone he asked him 'do you think Mum is pretty?'. Harri supposedly said no, so I yelled out to him 'did you say I wasn't pretty Harri!?' to which he comes running and gives me a big hug and said 'no, because I said you were beautiful!'.

He sure knows how to make a tired old Mum feel good :)


  1. HOW SPECIALIS THAT???? are an extra specially beautiful mum Lisa....

  2. High maintenance Harri.
    It's just the little things that say so much.
    Love Mum.

  3. SO SWEET! Those kind of moments make motherhood worth it!!! xxx How is Noah?

  4. Aw, what sweet sweet boys!!

  5. can Harri come live at my house! Sooo sweet! Awesome job on the auction facebook page Lis xox

  6. That is sooo cute!
    Harri sounds like a little gem with great handwriting

  7. aw Harri, that is so sweet! :)


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