Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fun in the City

We've been having a lovely time in Sydney with my brother Chrish and can't believe how fast the days have gone.  We've become professionals at catching the trains with Chrish, and on our own when he's had to go to work. 
We can't believe how lucky we have been with the beautiful weather.  It has been so lovely and mild and sunny every day.  It's going to be hard to go back home to the cold weather. 
Last year when we came up to stay the boys absolutely loved visiting Madame Tassuad's wax museum and really wanted to visit again.  Chrish hadn't been before so we decided to catch the train to the city and went to Darling Harbour so we could go again. 

The boys loved it just as much as last time.  Now that Tasmanian school holidays are more in line with the mainland school holidays, it was a lot busier than last time.  We had to wait a bit longer to get photos with the figures, but it was still lots of fun.
The Barack Obama figure was by far the most popular and there was a bit of a line up to get a photo with it.   It's fun because they really don't care at all what you do while you are with the figures and even told Harri to put his feet up on the desk, and then told him to sit up on the desk.
Jalen giving a press conference about Kevin Rudd winning the Labor leadership battle ;)
Kobe loved the sports section and being able to pretend that he had won an olympic medal.
I couldn't stop laughing at Kobe's John Travolta hair piece.
When Kobe was younger he absolutely loved Justin Bieber. It was so funny watching his face when we saw the Justin Bieber figure.  It was like he was trying to act all cool around it.  It was new since the last time we were there. 
'Stone the flamin' crows!' it's Alf Stewart!
The boys couldn't wait to see the Ironman figure again.
E.T was also a new figure this time.
On the way back to catch the train home the boys loved playing in the water playground at Darling Harbour.  I was scared that Kobe was going to end up drenched and have wet clothes on the train ride back, but he did well not to get wet.
It's always interesting walking through China Town. 
Kobe was very wary of this guy who was pretending he was a statue but would do silly things like poke his tongue out at the boys, and handing out fortunes on a piece of paper. 
It's been nice just choosing what we want to do each day, but the boys have really been missing Aaron a lot this week.  They keep thinking about how he would love what we have been doing.  Kobe especially has been full on and not at all himself.   Whenever I tell him off he cries and says he is missing Daddy. It's nice to be able to spend time with Chrish though.  Harri has been in tears saying he doesn't want to go home as he 'loves it here'.  We just need to get Chrish to come back to Tassie permanently and everyone would be happy :)


  1. It looks like you are all having a wonderful time with Chrish. I guess for the boys having Chrish around also would remind them of what it was like having Aaron with them, the male figure spending time with them. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Take care :)


  2. here here... to that last comment Lisa...but what a wonderful holiday and experiences you have all had....XXX

  3. What great pics. I was there in June, for 2 weeks. Love Sydney. Tried to go to madams but went to paddys and lunch instead, so it was good to see your photos, it was like I actually went there. Yay.
    Nic in nz

  4. Those wax figures are insanely amazing!!! I hope the weather warms up a bit for you when you get home. Xx

  5. I remember the last time you visited the Wax Museum and how cool I thought it was that it was so interactive. Have only been to one in Victoria BC Canada and everything either behind ropes or glass.

    Looks like a great time had by all :)


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