Monday, 15 July 2013

'You Don't Realise How Much I Love Her!'

While were staying with my brother Chrish in Sydney, one of the highlights for the boys was spending time with his new labrador puppy 'Tess'. 
Jalen has been the one who has really wanted a dog for a while, so he was so upset that he couldn't do much with Tess because of his fractured arm, as she is an active puppy and it was just too hard for him to get too close in case he got knocked.
For the past four years Harri has becoming braver around dogs.  He had an incident with a dog that used to live across the road from us, and ever since then he has been terrified of dogs.  The first couple of days that we were at Chrish's house he and Kobe were really scared of Tess, especially if she came inside.  They would run which would make Tess get excited and that would make them worse.  They spent a lot of time sitting up on the couch away from her for the first couple of days.
 Jay was more than happy to sit down with her and give her a pat though.
Then one morning Harri and Kobe took Tess for a walk to the park with Chrish.  They loved throwing a ball to Tess at the park and came back so excited to tell me all about it.  After that they kept begging Chrish every day to take Tess for another walk to the park
By the end of the week Harri was begging Chrish to let Tess come in the house at night, and had so much fun playing with her and patting her.  Chrish taught the boys how to be firm with Tess and they were so excited to show me how they could use their big voices to make her sit down or to get the ball.  

On the day that we left Sydney Harri was in tears all the way to the airport.  He was sobbing saying that he didn't want to go home, and wanted to stay with Tess because he loved her so much. He kept saying 'you don't realise how much I love her Mum and how sad I am!'.  Since we've been home he has been texting Chrish numerous times a day asking how Tess is and asks Chrish to send him photos of her. 

 I do admit that it was lovely seeing the boys have so much fun with a dog, and I'm very slowly coming around to the idea that maybe a dog may be good...maybe.


  1. Yay for the dog idea.....although they do make quite a bit of work for us parents lol (think doggy dos in the yard :( ) But I was going to say if you were looking at a larger dog that can handle all the affection the kids could give and loves to be leaned on, how about a greyhound. We got our greyhound from the greyhound rescue people and I can honestly say she is the most placid dog ever. Greyhounds have such a nice temperament. With my autistic stepson, he can often scare her or approach her the wrong way when we turn our back but never has she gone to bite him. She simply barks and that is enough to startle him and he knows to stop. Greyhounds don't really bark alot and are great couch potatoes. Ours would sleep all day if we let her lol. I love the pics of the boys and Tess, so cute, so, so cute.

  2. I have had a dog or two since I was 12 and must say I am a better person for it (cough, now 47).

    Dogs love you ALL THE TIME.

    Need a comforting hug or kiss, go to the dog. Need someone to talk to and keep all your secrets,go to the dog. Feel inspired to go for a walk/run, can count on dog to be a hundred times more excited than you :)

    Dogs well matched and suited to their adoptive home can be such a blessing.

    I have two wee dogs that I love to death. They are there following me around when I am home, completely in love as I am. They keep me company at night and I make sure they get a walk in. Win/win.

    Dogs just so enrich a household that is willing to embrace. It sounds like your sons are up for the challenge.

    'Potty training' 101. Take dog out every half hour, encourage to "pee pee!" and praise when they do (or poop) . If this is not possible crate dog and immediately let out when you get home. Praise for poop or pee! (But yeah, you are a mother so that is self explanatory ;)

    If in your shoes I would scour the nearby shelters for a non-pup who has some socialized skills. Or two ;) Research your breeds to see what is most compatible to your family.

    Dogs rock at keeping one another busy and out of trouble (most of the time, heh)

  3. we don't know what we will do once Beattie goes (highly likely to be in the next couple of years as she is 12 now)..especially Kelv as she is his dog ..those two have a real relationship..she smiles when he is near her ....pulls on the heart strings ...time for a dog in the Kings house ...only you can decide that...they are a life time commitment..theirs and yours...who looks after the dog when you go on holidays...etc etc...good luck with that Lisa..guess we could always put our hand up to dog sit for you XXXX

  4. Atta' girl, Lisa!! It sounds as though you always know what is right for your clan. Keep moving forward.

  5. My sister was widowed, too, with four children, ages 7 - 14. She, like you, moved from their home to be near family for moral support. She bought a poodle with funny, long legs. It was a good decision for her family as the children loved him. He waited at the door to greet them when they walked in, which would brighten any bad/sad day they may have had. They could hug and snuggle Kokie, and felt comfortable with him around. Siblings may tease and argue, but Kokie was always there to be a buddy and couldn't argue back!

    Good luck in your decision. I enjoy reading about your family. Hang in there!

  6. They would run which would make Tess get excited and that would make them worse. They spent a lot of time sitting up on the couch away from her for the first couple of days.

    Tess because of his fractured arm, as she is an active puppy and it was just too hard for him to get too close in case he got knocked.

    All of these issues you list are those of a poorly trained dog. Please know, I am not speaking badly of Chrish, so many owners simply don't train their dogs properly from the start because they think "it's just a puppy!"

    However, that is completely wrong thinking. Puppy-hood is the time to begin training. Right from the moment that puppy enters your door. All puppies can be trained to not jump, chase, etc. all of them. Yes, there will be moments when your puppy won't "listen" but dogs thrive on training. And you can have the most active puppy in existence....who never chases people(unless it is given permission through games) never jumps on people. Never!

    As I said the key is training. And training is not an overwhelming or impossible task. Books geared towards puppy hood and first time owners are a great start...before you get your puppy so you know how to interact and what "limits" to set when you bring your puppy home. Search for training classes (ones run by professionals and NOT chain stores) that you and your childldren (to a certain age) can participate in.

    It actually saddens me to see people say they will never get a dog because their experinece of a puppy/dog is like yours: Of one that isn't trained.

    The ONLY concern that you should have in regards to getting a dog is the knowledge of cost and responsibity.

    Dogs can become ill. Dogs need food. Dogs should have some toys. Dogs need routine vet checks. Dogs can live up to 16 years and more. Dogs shed (unless you get a breed like a poodle which does not really shed and is far FAR beyond the "fancy" thing you see in dog shows. Standard poodles have wonderful personalities, are very attached to all family members and are very bright). And, well, dogs need to be walked, and cleaned up after. A dog does become a member of the family.

    Again, make your decison based on whether you can commit up to-or more than-16 years to an animal that can add cost to your home. That cost will quickly become of little concern when you fall in love with the dog that becomes a part of your family-but it is a concern. DON'T make your choice on the dogs that you've had experience with...ones that are not properly trained.

    -C a dog owner for life.


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