Friday, 12 July 2013

Worth the Train Trip

We are back home from Sydney now and luckily the weather isn't quite as cold as it was while we were away.  It's still fresh, but 3 degrees Celsius in the morning, is a lot nicer than the -3 degrees Celsius that it was while we were in Sydney.  Everyone keeps telling us how cold it was, so I feel extra lucky to have had such beautiful weather in Sydney.

My favourite day that we had in Sydney was actually a day that Chrish went to work.   It wasn't because he went to work (I promise Chrish!) but because it was such a beautiful sunny day.   It's amazing how the sun and a bit of warmth can make you feel so much better.

We jumped on the train to go into the city, which Kobe moaned about before we even got on the train.  The novelty of catching trains quickly wore off for him and he said the hour trip to the city was 'boring'.   I actually loved it as I could enjoy an hour relaxing.  We caught the train right to Circular Quay and then decided to catch the ferry to Manly.   When I saw the seagulls near the harbour, I couldn't stop thinking about Finding Nemo :)

At Manly we had lunch on the beach and ended up just sitting and playing on the beach for about an hour, enjoying the sunshine with the rest of the tourists.

Kobe and Harri had lots of fun running up and down the beach and digging holes, while Jay and I soaked up some vitamin D (to hopefully strengthen his broken arm).

I actually ended up having a little nanna nap on the beach and literally had to drag myself away from the beach to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay. It was so warm and relaxing, I could've stayed there for hours. 
Back at Circular Quay we had fun watching the different buskers.  The Aboriginal one was more than happy for people to jump in for a photo with him, but Kobe was too scared to.   He handed Jay the didgeridoo and told him he could hold it because he only had one good arm.

The boys were fascinated with a busker who did fire juggling as well as juggling with fire, a sword and a running chainsaw - all at the same time!   He then climbed up on a bike and did some juggling up there as well. 

We were very proud of ourselves knowing our way around the trains and the city and feel like we know Sydney quite well now.  We had a lovely day and it was definitely worth another 'boring' train trip. 


  1. I saw the picture before I read what you wrote and immediately thought of Finding Nemo too! Ha ha. I shouldn't be surprised given how big Australia is, but I find it so fascinating to see such different landscapes in your pictures when you travel. So fun to hear about what you do there! I just love following your family. Thanks for sharing so much...all the good, the hard, the laughs, and the tears. This blog is my absolute favorite!

    1. Thanks so much - that means a lot :)


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