Monday, 22 July 2013

Back in Routine

We are getting used to school holidays without Aaron and Noah, but the days are still very long if we don't plan to do anything.  I was glad that we decided to spend a week in Sydney as it meant the holidays weren't too long  During our last week of holidays we didn't plan to do very much which was good and bad at the same time.  It was good as we are all so tired and needed to just catch up, but it also meant the days were long, especially as it's the middle of winter and we couldn't get outside much.

Long days with two boys who are very strong willed meant lots of arguing and lots of stress.  One day I told Harri that I had enough of him bossing Kobe around and that night I went into Harri's room and saw that he had written this on his whiteboard.
It obviously didn't work very well, because yesterday he said 'I guess I still better leave up my goal since I'm still bossing him!'.  Harri and Kobe argue all day long, but are also best friends most of the time.   Both of them have been extra sad over the two weeks of school holidays and have especially been missing Aaron.  They talk about Noah too, but whenever they are sad it's usually because they are really missing Aaron.   I think that being out of our regular routine makes things so much harder for all of us. 

Harri had been going so well at sleeping in his own bed since moving to our new house, but over the last week he has spent more nights in my bed than in his.  Kobe has also been waking up in the middle of the night and coming into my bedroom crying and saying that he is missing Daddy and says he wants to sleep in bed with me 'because I'm sad'.  It means I hardly get any sleep when they're in my bed, but it's nice to wake up to these faces in the morning.

We did have some fun during our last week of the holidays, and loved going to our last Hawthorn game in Tasmania for the year.  It's always so fun to watch our favourite team and feel very lucky that we get to see them so often.  

I started my new job today, going back to teaching after having fourteen years 'off'.  It's very scary but I'm sure that I will love it.  When I came home with my staff key the boys were very excited.  Harri asked 'so are you a REAL teacher then Mum!?' as he realised that it was the same as what the other teachers have.  He thinks it's very exciting that I'm a teacher and is so happy to be able to see me at school during the day.  Kobe said that if I have one of those keys to wear it 'means you are a boss at school'.  I told them they had better be good because it means I can 'boss' them and put them in 'time out' if I want to ;)

Tomorrow the boys go back to school and it will be great to get back into our regular routine.  Having a routine makes the days go quicker and makes it easier for all of us.  Hopefully once the boys are back at school they will have a bit of a distraction, and won't feel so sad.


  1. Good luck to all of you for tomorrow! You will be a fabulous teacher Lisa.

  2. So excited for you Lisa. Your new adventure begins again. I am sure you'll be successful.

  3. I hope your first days at work go smoothly!

  4. Those cheeky boys in your bed- luckily eh are pretty cute! I'm really excited for you in this new job and I hope the first week back goes really well. xxx

  5. Best wishes for all of you as you begin the school term!


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