Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's Cool

Today Kobe and I went to the cemetery.   Some days he doesn't like to get out of the car because he says that it 'makes him sad to visit Dad and Noah'.  Other days he's quite happy to run around the children's section and play with Noah's things. 

He always makes sure he says bye to Noah and Aaron when he walks away from their graves, and today I caught it on my phone.  When he was at Aaron's grave he was so cute as he pointed to the plaque and said 'it's cool! It says my name'.
My sister was talking to me last night about how their youngest son Linc is now the same age that Kobe was when Aaron passed away.   It makes me so sad to know that Kobe has gone through so much in his short life, but it's also a blessing that he's so young because as much as he misses Aaron and Noah, he also has coped the easiest with everything.

The rest of us definitely don't think it's very cool having our names on two plaques at the cemetery.  


  1. That's quite lovely Lisa .... Very cute.

  2. What a precious little being Kobe is. He may give you a hard time sometimes, but he always makes me smile! xx

  3. I have been following the way you remember your husband and son. I think you are doing it in a wonderful way!


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