Monday, 4 February 2013

Trying to Escape

 Every day is hard without Noah and Aaron, but some days are harder than others.   Christmas was really hard and I had actually considered before Christmas of taking off somewhere with just the boys and being on our own.  I knew that it would be selfish of me, and wouldn't be fair on the boys as I knew they would want to spend Christmas with the family, so decided that it may be better to take off for the one year anniversary of Aaron's death instead.

I wanted to have something to look forward to, rather than just dreading the day getting closer and closer.  A few months ago on the spur of the moment, I rang my Mum and brother Chrish after getting an email with some flight specials, and asked them if they wanted to come to the Gold Coast with us.

We had theme park tickets from our last trip there that were still valid, so of course it was nice to have an excuse to use them again. Mum and Chrish jumped at the chance to come, and for the last few months we had been looking forward to getting away and trying to escape from everything.  

I just wish it was that easy.  Unfortunately grief is always there, but sometimes it just takes a back seat for a little while, especially when you are distracted and trying to have some fun.

We had a lovely holiday (with a little bit of 'excitement' thrown in as we were there when ex tropical cyclone Oswald hit!) and it was nice to be away and have some fun together. 

The boys were so excited to be going on a big holiday again and couldn't wait to get to the theme parks. 
We had a couple of hours in Melbourne before flying to the Gold Coast, so my sister Nicki and her kids came and met us which was nice.  The kids were excited to all be back together again.
 We stayed at the same hotel that we did on our last trip and loved the views from our apartment. 
The boys loved the pool the most but it felt like we hardly got to use it as we were so busy going to the theme parks, and the weather was terrible for a few days because of the cyclone.
Kobe loves the water and wanted to swim all day, every day (and night!).  We discovered that he has actually taught himself to float and swim a little, which was exciting.  He spent most of his time under the water, and when we would come home from the water theme parks his eyes would be so blood shot because of all the chlorine.
Sometimes I think that getting away will make it easier for all of us, but sometimes it's harder as we wish even more that Aaron and Noah were with us.  Kobe found it really hard without Aaron and Noah there, and all the time he kept saying 'I wish Daddy was with us'.   Even though we missed them so much, we had a lovely holiday together, and it was nice to escape for the one year anniversary since Aaron's death.
 More posts to come about our holiday adventures. 


  1. such lovely place to glad the boys got to use their theme park passes again....Kobe told me all about the last pic Lisa..

  2. I was thinking of you earlier in the week knowing it a year had passed. Looks like you had a great holiday and got to share the horrible weather with us up here in SE QLD! Was there tonnes of ocean foam on the Gold Coast like there was on the Sunshine Coast?


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