Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back To School

I had thought that Tasmania switching from three school terms, to four per year was a good thing....that was until it was time to go back to school - two weeks earlier than usual! It seemed like summer holidays just flew by so quick and it just doesn't seem right to be back at school and work already.  I know I will appreciate it though when we have more breaks throughout the year, and shorter terms.

We started back at work and school this week, and it's been very mixed emotions.  Harri and Kobe started on the same day, but Jalen had an extra day off because the grade sevens start school on their own, without the rest of the school there, which I think is a great idea.

Harri was so excited to start back at school. He was sad that his favourite teacher isn't teaching at his school this year, but he was excited to get back to school to see his friends and he was excited about his new teacher(s).   He is in grade three this year and he is so excited that he gets to take part in all the 'big school' events like the swimming and athletic carnival.  Nono wasn't far away from him and is still going everywhere with him (again).  I hope that as the year goes on he will start feeling more settled and confident without taking him everywhere again, but for now I'm more than happy for him to do whatever makes him more secure.

Harri was so excited to show me his self portrait he painted on the first day of school. He had to paint 'a happy and healthy me'.  It made me smile as it was so cute as he had painted Nono with him and he was playing cricket for the Australian cricket team :)
Kobe finally started Kindergarten! It seems like he's been waiting forever to go to school and he was really excited to get his uniform on and go, but then he started to get a little worried and kept saying 'I feel nervous Mum because I don't have any friends'.  How cute does he look in his uniform!  I was so happy for him to start, but also a little sad because he is my last one going to school. 

Jay was acting like the big protective brother and was hoping that he had a good day. I could tell he was feeling nervous for him. Kobe went and gave him a huge hug before he left for school. 
At school we were surprised as to how much Noah's memorial garden had grown over the summer! It looked so nice.
Kobe was very shy and quiet when we went into the Kinder (not at all like him!) and was happy to have me close by for a while.  He straight away found his name card and wanted to try writing his name. He knew that he couldn't do it properly, so he wrote it and then said 'that's my name in another language!' which made me laugh.
Jay started back at school today and was happy enough to go, even though he did the usual 'I hate school' teenage moaning :) He's being cheeky here trying to look taller by standing on his toes!
I have also started back at work which is good, because I'm happy to have a routine again.  Having a routine seems to make the days easier and not as long.  I also love my work so it's nice to get up and look forward to going.  Last year it was frustrating not being able to help do certain things like tube feeding and suctioning, because I missed the session where everyone was trained and you need to be credentialed to do it. It's so hard because I did it all for ten years day and night with Noah and could do it with my eyes closed, but legally I was not allowed to do it unless I did the training.

This week I was able to do the training for tube feeding, suctioning, caring for a tracheostomy and administering a certain medication, so it's nice to know I can now help if needed.  I didn't think it would affect me that much doing the training because I see all the kids all the time being tube fed, but just seeing the tubes and syringes and hearing the suction brought back so many memories and it was hard sitting there listening to it all, while wishing I was still dealing with all of those things for Noah still.

It's been good to be back at work and school and back into a routine, but it's a hard week as it's one of the times when you really wish Aaron was here, so he could see the boys go off to school, especially Kobe for the first time.  You wish he was here so they could tell him about their first day.  I wish he was here so I could talk to him about work.  I just wish he was here.


  1. Beautiful post. The boys look good in their uniforms. Hoping you all have a great year!!!

  2. I wish he was here for you too. So silly you have to have training for something you've done a zillion times. Your boys all look gorgeous!xo


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