Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Six Plates and Selfies

Although we were in Queensland for ten days, we still didn't have enough time to do everything we would've loved to. I blame Cyclone Oswald for cutting our trip short by two days, and ruining a lot of our plans!  We wanted to drive up to Brisbane as we haven't really spent any time up there.  I really hoped to catch up with the beautiful Naomi, who helped change our lives so much, but unfortunately we ran out of time. There are lots of other old friends and new (who I haven't met yet) who we would've loved to have caught up with. I think next time we go to Queensland we need to stay at least a month!

We did get to spend a lovely night at my cousin Konnie and her husband Colin's home.  My Uncle Howard and Auntie Marilyn joined us and also my cousin Lanai and her husband Gavin and their kids.  The boys were so excited to see their cousins again, and think that it's really cool that we have cousins in Queensland.  They still talk about the time they came down to Tassie and we spent some time with them at Bicheno, just before Aaron passed away.

Uncle Howard is my Dad's brother and is the eldest in the family out of five boys, and one girl.  He is lots of fun and showed us how to play 'six plates'.  He would go out of the room and someone would hide a coin under one of the plates and he 'magically' knew which plate it was under every time. The boys thought it was awesome, and we finally figured out how he did it and loved being able to do it ourselves. Now we feel very clever!
Chrish's best friends Dave and Ande used to live near him in Sydney, but now live in Queensland.  On our trip to Queensland last year, I finally got to meet Ande after hearing so much about her, reading her blog and becoming her friend on Facebook.  I was looking forward to seeing her again and her beautiful girls, and was glad that I finally got to meet her husband Dave.  
The night before we came home we decided to go back to the boys favourite place for tea - Sizzler.  Dave and Ande and the girls drove down and met us there and we had lots of fun, filling them in on what we had been up to during the week.  Ande and I are so alike and have a similar sense of humour. We were laughing with Jalen about all the selfies that teenage girls put up on Instagram all the time and were laughing about the duck faces, peace signs and how more often than not, they are very classy and taken in the mirror in the toilet.  

We must've been very overtired because we were having fun being really silly and couldn't stop giggling like teenage girls, as we decided to go and give it a go ourselves.  We locked ourselves in one of the cubicles and just about died when my Mum came in knocking on the door! We knew it would look a little dodgy with two grown women (very immature ones at that!) coming out of the loo together, and was so glad we saw Mum outside, and not some stranger!  It was a very funny night, and it was fun to just act silly for a little while. I miss feeling carefree like that all the time.
Kobe got along with Dave and Ande's daughter Poppy really well. They were so cute together.

Just a couple of hours before we had to fly home, we decided to go to Max Brenner.  We sent Ande a text to see if she was keen to join us, and she arrived saying it wasn't a very hard choice between vacuuming and having chocolate for lunch. Check out Chrish instagraming his food, while I'm instagraming at the same time.  Call Instagramers anonymous! ;)
Thanks Ande for the laughs, and my beautiful cousins and Uncle Howard and Auntie Marilyn for your amazing hospitality once again.  We miss you and wish we lived closer, but it's always lovely to visit you.

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  1. It was lovely to see you all Lisa & to spend some more time together. Our kids love having their cousins here from Tas!! We have another severe weather event predicted for up here today. They say it wont be as crazy as when you were here though :)I started my first blog post in over 12 months yesterday about our trip to Tassie but it came to a stand still when I got to writing about our lovely time spent with you & Aaron & the boys in Bicheno. We never in our wildest dreams imagined that would be the last day we would see Aaron in this life & that your whole world would take such a dramatic shift in a short 2 weeks after that day. You are amazing xx.


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