Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kobe's Dream Came True

A few days before we left to go to Queensland Kobe kept saying 'it's not long until my birthday!'.  I told him there was still a while to go as his birthday is in June, and he said 'yeah but it's not long'.  Then one day while my Mum was visiting he said 'Grandma! It's not long till my birthday, we are going to go to Sizzler for my birthday again!'. 

I realised that he thought that it was almost his birthday, because we were in Queensland for his birthday last year, and he thought because we were going again, that it was his birthday soon! I told him that his birthday was still a long time away and he wasn't having his birthday in Queensland and felt so bad when his lip started quivering, as he tried to hold back the tears. 

The first thing I wanted to do when we got to Queensland was to take Kobe to Dreamworld so he could go on the Big Red Car ride, as it was shut last time we were there, and that is all he wanted to do. 

I took my good camera with me on holiday, but decided I didn't want to drag it around the theme parks as I wanted to just enjoy the time with the boys, so you have to put up with my Instagram photos.   Sorry to anyone who follows me on Instagram and may have already seen them.   I have to admit I'm very addicted to Instagram and am so happy to have a quick and fun way to share photos.

Having the ride actually running this time, made up for the fact that it wasn't actually his birthday.  He was so excited to go on it, and the best thing was that there was hardly a line up for it, so we didn't have to wait long.

Jay and Harri were most excited about being able to go on a tour of the Big Brother house.
It was cool to see it in real life and so strange to see how all the rooms were set up, with the camera runs in the back.  It was a really trendy house and looks a lot nicer in real life. 

We really loved Dreamworld this time as there's so much for everyone to do.  Harri would not go on any of the bigger rides and felt sad that even Kobe went on a ride that he was too scared to try.  He was in tears saying 'I'm the most un-bravest boy ever!'. I could tell he really wished he could get on some rides, but just couldn't do it.  He had fun meeting the characters and found his favourite ride in the kids section, that he loved.
Mum, Chrish and I took turns hanging out with Kobe and Harri so we could go on the bigger rides with Jay.  It's not much fun all having to split up all the time and I wished all of us could just go on the rides together. I told the boys that I don't think we will be going back until all of us are big enough (and brave enough!) to all ride together. One ride we did love, that we all could go on was the Thunder River Rapids Ride.

I love the atmosphere at Dreamworld.

We had tickets for Dreamworld and White Water World that could be used for three days, and we couldn't wait to go to White Water World as it was too cold to go there in the winter.  The day we went it was raining on and off and we knew that it would be, but we ended up being up there when the weather wasn't that great.  We decided to go there on a day we knew it would probably rain, since we would be wet anyway, and we knew that they wouldn't shut down any of the rides. The great thing about Queensland in summer, is that even if it rains it's still very humid and warm enough to swim.


We absolutely loved it and had the best time.  I surprised myself by going on the bigger rides...well all except for one which terrified me! I absolutely loved the Green Room and kept wanting to go on it again, and again.   Harri and Kobe spent hours and hours in the 'Cave of Waves' which was a cool wave pool.
We had the best day at White Water World and we thought that because it was much smaller than Wet 'n' Wild that we probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as Wet 'n' Wild but we were wrong.  If I had a choice, I would definely go back to White Water World over Wet 'n' Wild. 


  1. Love looking back on the photos, and as for Harri saying he wishes he was braver, I have given it a lot of thought.
    I know I got frustrated with him over not getting on the rides, but for a child his age to have to watch his brother die, and then to lose his beloved father, he has shown so much bravery.
    Tell Harri, I think he is very brave, and I am proud of him, especially the day of his Dad's funeral when he stood there so bravely giving out the programmes with a smile on his .face.
    Love Mum.

  2. Oh what fun memories you've made together! xo

  3. dreamworld is great, we used to live across the rd from it and when brett would get home from work we'd head over for an hr or so b4 it shut (we had yr passes) def looks like you guys had a fab time

  4. The pictures are great! I am so glad you all had fun!!! The kids and you both deserve it!


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